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Boral Blackbutt decking is naturally fire and termite resistant and is suitable for use in BAL29 areas. Blackbutt is renowned for its strength and versatility, it is recommended for use with F27 structural timber to complete your outdoor timber requirements such as bearers & joists, stair components and exposed external beams Features. The 135 x 32mm sized boards boast a greater load capacity. Blackbutt has a natural fire resistance. Its fire retarding properties meet Australian Standard AS3959, and so can be used in bush-fire prone areas without any treatment. A timber deck is built over the natural lie of the land so it will not interfere with drainage

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Hardwood Blackbutt Decking Board 135 X 19. $ 16.95. Hardwood Blackbutt Decking Board 135 X 19 quantity. Add to cart. Available in 135 x 19 and 86 x 19. Random Lengths of 1.5m~5.7m. Buy online & collect in store. Delivery is also available to anywhere in Sydney and surrounds Hardwood Blackbutt F27 Solid Timber 90 X 45 $24.50 Blacktown Building Supplies - Blackbutt Hardwood A large Australian hardwood that is often used for both exterior and structural applications, Blackbutt is also referred to as Coastal Blackbutt or Pink Blackbutt Wholesale Timber Distributor located in Ingleburn, Sydney, N.S.W. We specialise in Hardwood or Engineered Flooring, Timber Decking and Skirting & Architraves. Our huge range of timbers include Blackbutt, Merbau and Spotted Gum. Also check out our Wood Doors and Staircase Components Blackbutt Decking Timber Blackbutt is a premium decking timber, showing excellent resistance to denting and wear, and a beautiful look that will have the neighbours green with envy. With a coarse texture and relatively straight grain, this light yellowish-brown hardwood often features small gum veins which can see it readily available in. Blackbutt Decking — Sale price $9.99 + Timber Decking. Save $0.21. Pre-Oiling Timber Decking.

Price: $7.95. Grades available. Boral Outdoor decking is available standard and better grades. Boral Timber Decking meets Australian Standards and uses the aesthetic Boral Timber grading system. Grading is distinguished by selective gum veins, spirals, burls, insect trails and other natural features that give timber decking a unique character. $11 Per Linear meter. Dimension: 180x21mm cover Grade Flooring. Blackbutt is a very hard Australian Eucalypt timber. It is suitable for decking and quite similar to Spotted Gum and Ironbark. Blackbutt deck creates a comfortable, attractive and flexible feature that can be added to any kind of flat, sloping, wet or eve It can cost between $320 and $500 per square metre to install and the price should include the hardwood decking. That might work out to: $6400 to $10,000 for a 20m2 deck $9600 to $15,000 for a 30m2 dec Crane truck delivery is available six days per week through out Melbourne and outer suburbs and towns. We are extremely competitive with our Blackbutt timber decking prices in Melbourne. Call QDT now on (03) 9437 1612 for the best price, friendly service and expert advice. QDT for Timber Decking in Melbourne. Solid Timber Flooring

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  1. Blackbutt Decking Standard and Better grade 86 x 19 (lineal metre). $8.72. View Product. Blackbutt Decking Standard and Better grade 136 x 22 (lineal metre). $16.67. View Product. Blackbutt Decking Standard and Better grade 64 x 19 (lineal metre). $4.62
  2. We stock Blackbutt Decking in a range of sizes, including: 65, 86, 130 x 19mm and 32mm. Class 1 above ground durability. Can be used for screening as well as decking. Logged in accordance with all Australian forestry standards. Featuring warm colours and an interesting grain pattern, Blackbutt is an excellent choice for a range of decking projects
  3. It also possesses a straight grain with an even texture. Blackbutt timber is very hard with a Janka rating of 9.1 and a durability rating of Class 1, making it resistant to insects and decay. If you DO choose to go ahead with Blackbutt for your decking project, the two primary benefits that you will unlock come by way of strength and durability
  4. Top Blackbutt Decking Hardwood - 86mm x 19mm & 135mm x 22mm. Blacktown Building Supplies - Blackbutt Decking sold per lineal Metres AVAILABLE IN 135 X 19MM $16.95 Per Metre 135 x 22mm $16.95 Per Metre 86mm x 19mm $8.30 Per metre (buy 300 metres $7.25 Per Metre) CALL: ******** 775 EMAIL: Website / Buy Online: https://www.
  5. Blackbutt Decking. Blackbutt is a Durable Australian Hardwood and is grow in NSW and QLD. Blackbutt is a Fire Resistance Hardwood, which due to its quick growth and versatility, blackbutt makes a good plantation timber. It is a commonly available commercial hardwood species in New South Wales and southern Queensland, often used for building.
  6. Silvertop Ash is a hardwood decking that looks almost identical to blackbutt decking and it also meets the requirements in terms of fire rating resistance, meaning additional fire retardant treatment isn't needed. Ph.9437161
  7. Blackbutt is a great decking choice as it often has a straight grain, making it unique to other Australian timber. Pricing. Blackbutt timber decking prices are subject to change depending on length and finish. At Austim, we price competitively and offer you the best price in conjunction with your specifications

Blackbutt Decking. Blackbutt Timber Decking is a species that grows in abundance in the coastal forests in New South Wales and southern Queensland. The common name is derived from the distinctive Black, charcoal look that is only on the base of the trunk. The timber is renowned for both its strength and versatility of application Blackbutt offers our customers a different look to most other timber decking options being lighter in colour, it does tend to darken with exposure to uv and alsogoes slightly darker after an application of decking oil. Blackbutt is a great choice as it often has a straight grain making it unique to other Australian timber SOLID DECKING. So it's finally time to get a new solid deck! If you're thinking about your next outdoor project, give us a call on 1800 HARDWOOD. Timber flooring is not something you want to have issues with. So, let's get the supply correct from the start and avoid a horror story Decking Blackbutt 135×19 Feature $ 6.80 LM. Add to cart. Decking Ironbark 135×19 S&B $ 14.00 LM. Add to cart. Pine Decking Ripple 90×22 Ochre Pre-Oiled From $ 11.15 EA. Timber Price List; Hire Shop. Colt Air Hose 30M Daily Hire; Senco Coil Nailer 32-65mm Daily Hire; Colt 265 Air Compressor Daily Hire; Post Driver 'Y' Professional. If you are thinking to renovate your outdoor recreational area by installing timber decking, then you have come to the right place. Providing its high quality service in the city of Melbourne and all of its suburbs, Balfour Timber is the best at what it does

Add value and style to your home with timber decking. The look and feel of real timber decking is superior to any imitation product and it's cooler under-foot. Worldwide Timber Traders have all your favourite timber species including; Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Ironbark, Merbau, Silvertop Ash, Treated Pine and classic Australian Jarrah $9 Per Linear Meter. Dimension: 130x14mm cover Grade Flooring. Blackbutt is a very hard Australian Eucalypt timber. It is suitable for decking and quite similar to Spotted Gum and Ironbark. Blackbutt deck creates a comfortable, attractive and flexible feature that can be added to any kind of flat, sloping, wet or eve Blackbutt is a durability class 1 hardwood above ground. Natural colouring is honey blond to mid brown. Usage: external decking. Prices include GST. Item. Size. Price. Blackbutt KD Hardwood Decking. 130mm x 19mm

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  1. SPECIES: SIZES (mm) $/M² Inc GST: Estimated Supply & Install Price: Blackbutt: 122x14mm: $88.00: $148.00 Direct Stick: Blackbutt: 122x14mm: $88.00: $139.00 Floatin
  2. Every piece in every pack meets the Australian Standard for quality and moisture content. Retail pricing is now usually around $6.85 plm. For more info about Blackbutt decking or any other wholesale timber please call Gavin 0412676311. Customers seeking retail orders at lower prices to be shipped anywhere please visit onlinetimber.com.au
  3. Our Blackbutt floorboards are stocked in a range of sizes and grades. They come in packs of random lengths, from 0.9m through to approximately 5.0m. Call us on (03) 9437 1612 for the best price on our timber flooring supplies. We are also happy to answer any further technical questions about our range. Delivery by crane truck is available six.

Blackbutt 130 x 19 Feature Grade Solid Timber Flooring. Quality Solid hardwood floors at great prices. View in our showroom 7 days a week. Blackbutt has a Janka rating of 9.1. If you choose to order through the online store please add the quantity of m2 you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout or call 1300 85 50 31 and you can place your. Blackbutt is also very pleasing to the eye, ranging from golden yellow to pale brown. Its texture is even, and its grain is straight (sometimes interlocking), which makes it the perfect choice for decking and flooring. It also takes stain and oil well. Blackbutt is the ideal choice for decking and construction if you live in an area prone to.

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  1. Blackbutt Decking. Blackbutt is an excellent choice because it is pretty easy to work with, and it is also highly aesthetic. It is a dense wood with a durable nature, which makes it ideal for decking projects. Merbau Decking. Merbau is the first option for most homeowners and contractors in the country. It is fire-resistant, has a gorgeous.
  2. Regular Price: $23.05. Price. $16.36 per metre. 12 Item (s) Sort By Position Name Price Set Descending Direction. Show 99999 per page. View as: List Grid. Categories. Building Products
  3. Blackbutt has natural features like Gum Veins and pin holes so when choosing Blackbutt you need to expect some visible natural features. Class 1 durability above ground -Termite Resistant - BAL 29 - medium Leaching - Janka hardness 9.1 Standard sizes are- 42×19, 65×19, 86×19, 130×19, 136×22, 140×35 and others available
  4. Blackbutt is a hardy and versatile timber that can be used for decking and flooring. It has a durability class 1 (above ground) and is naturally resistant to termite resistance. Offering fire resistance in bushfire areas up to and including BAL 29. Commonly supplied by Boral Timber. Available in 135 x 19 and 86 x 19 and 64 x 19. ×
  5. Add to wishlist. Or $‎1.36 today and spread the rest with. Learn more. Decking Blackbutt 135×19 Feature (LM) $ 6.80. LM. inc. GST. Out of stock

View Product. Blackbutt T&G Flooring Feature 130 x 19 (lineal metre). $12.44. View Product. Tallowwood Decking Standard & Better grade 86 x 19 (lineal metre). $8.59. View Product. SPOTTED GUM (QLD) DECKING STANDARD GRADE 86 X 19 (lineal metre). $7.50 Versatile and Longlasting Blackbutt. Blackbutt is readily available across the East Coast of Australia. With a quick growth rate and versatility in uses, it is the ideal choice for decking, flooring and cladding. Thanks to its attractive colouring and grain patterns, it's the perfect feature timber for interior and exterior use. Use Blackbutt offers our customers a different look to most other timber decking options being lighter in colour, it does tend to darken with exposure to uv and alsogoes slightly darker after an application of decking oil. Blackbutt is a great choice as it often has a straight grain making it unique to other Australian timber Blackbutt is the ideal timber for a wide variety of cladding, flooring and decking applications. A popular choice for architects, builders and designers, Blackbutt is admired for its incredible durability and fire resistant properties. Perfect for large fit outs (e.g. shopping centres and high rise buildings) Blackbutt is a readily available. Blackbutt all new decking 86x19 from $3.30 per metre, 135x19 from $5 per metre. View our range of flooring, decking, furniture timber and cladding at Bunnings today. 130x19 from $7 per metre. Grading is distinguished by selective gum veins, spirals, burls, insect trails and other natural features that give timber decking a unique character, as individual as a signature. Item Size Price.

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Decking Specials - Connollys Timber Flooring and Decking Melbourne. Timber Decking Specials. Our latest prices on various species of decking. Highest quality decking at excellent prices. 130 x 19 Jarrah. $15.80lm. If you would like to learn more about Jarrah click the details link. View Details Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 86 X 19mm Blackbutt Hardwood Decking /m at the best online prices at eBay The decking-only guy, has advised he charges materials at the tradie price he gets with Bunnings ($4.75pm - unsure of size), plus labour. Companies have also said we could source our own timber, from our own suppliers (due to the sustainability issue I have) but that would be our responsibility, and then we'd basically be hiring them for the. Blackbutt Decking Melbourne - We have new Blackbutt decking in stock @ 135x19mm. Based in Melbourne, we ship nationally Commonly available timbers include Blackbutt, Blue Gum, Mahogany, Red Gum and Spotted Gum. We also less frequetly stock softwoods such as Banksia, Pine and Silky Oak. Prices range from $20.00 (mounting board or breadboard sized pieces) to over $1000.00 for dining table sized slabs. Listed price above is a rough average

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  1. (Image courtesy of Boral) A native Australian flooring solution, blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis) is a hardy and versatile timber that's primarily grown in the coastal forests of New South Wales and southern Queensland.Blackbutt trees can grow up to 50 metres, and can grow for more than 200 years
  2. Easy price. As well as carpet Fowles supply many of our project builders with Timber Floors therefore we have huge buying power and you can take advantage of warehouse prices direct to the public. Easy Selection. At our huge Timber Flooring Showroom we have over 200 species and styles from leading manufacturers installed on the floor so you can see what they look like and how they feel to walk on
  3. If the decking board is between 91mm and 120mm, a 10- or 12-gauge screw will suit. If the decking board is between 121mm and 140mm, a 12-gauge screw will suit. If the decking board is larger than 140mm, a 14-gauge screw will suit; Point Type: The point of the screw will help drive the screw through certain timbers or metal
  4. 86 x 19mm Blackbutt Decking 130 x 19mm Blackbutt Decking. Spotted Gum. 86 x 19mm Spotted Gum Decking 130 x 19mm Spotted Gum Decking. Modwood & Fitting Systems. 88 x 23mm Modwood & Fitting systems 137 x 23mm Modwood & Fitting systems. Cypress Gold. 90 x 90mm 115 x 115mm 140 x 140mm
  5. g but is also used for cladding, internal and external flooring, decking, joinery, landscaping and furniture. Blackbutt is also used in the manufacture of plywood
  6. I've used Austim on a few occasions for home projects like decking and pergola, etc and each time the response to my requests for price and delivery have been excellent, the deliveries took place as negotiated, the timber quality was great and value for money. The team at Austim do a great job and make dealing with Austim a breeze

Blackbutt looks great and requires less maintenance than other decking, but is prone to splitting. Both Merbau and Blackbutt are durable and fire resistant. Merbau vs treated pine decking Merbau decking is a hard wood with a dark colour, but very unsustainable sourced. Treated pine decking is a soft wood, but it stains well and is very sustainable In conclusion, Newcastle Decks is your best local bet for all your deck and patio needs. On the other hand, Deck Builders Lake Macquarie is one of the leading decking solution providers in the city of Lake Macquarie. Call us today for a free assessment and find out the cost to build a deck. CALL (02) 6699 1487 NOW Blackbutt Timber Sizes. Blackbutt decking boards are available at: 86×19 & 135×19. Find Out More. Are you considering Blackbutt for your upcoming project? At the Timber Decking Supply Shed, initially we will take the time to listen and understand your requirements Hardwood - Walker Bros. Home / Hardwood. Fire safety should be a paramount consideration when selecting building materials. Although it is a combustible material, timber is a good insulator and burns in a predictable fashion. These attributes make timber beneficial in a fire event and permit durable and fire-safe timber construction

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I am about to install decking on our 2nd story balcony above the main entry into our house. I want to get as close to merbau colour as possible but without the tannin bleed of merbau as it is above terracotta tiles. I was thinking blackbutt with a merbau finish. Would this work or is blackbutt too light to get that dark a finish Spotted Gum is a durable Australian hardwood. It has a beautiful brown colour with intricate grains which will really add a touch of class to your decking. We stock spotted gum decking in the following sizes: 86x19mm; 136x19mm (100x25 spotted gum decking. covers 86 mm so allow 12 linear metres per square metre to cover your deck MERBAU DECKING MELBOURNE. Outdeco Living is one of the leading Merbau Decking Suppliers and has the largest Merbau Timber Supplies in Melbourne.So, our company only stocked A grade and kiln dried Merbau Timber.We are a wholesaler and direct supplier of Merbau Timber & 140mm Decking in Melbourne.Hence, our company opens the business to Tradies, Builders & the Public Blackbutt Decking 100x25 (86x19) Seasoned quantity. Add To Quote. Blackbutt Decking 150x25 (130x19) Seasoned. Decking & Screening. Blackbutt Decking 150x25 (130x19) Seasoned quantity. Add To Quote. Merbau Decking Kiln Dried 100×25 (90×19) Decking & Screening. Merbau Decking Kiln Dried 100×25 (90×19) quantity Australian Timber Species are available on request, including Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Ironbark, & Forest Reds,and Mixed Hardwoods, in 64 x 19mm, 86 x 19 and 135 x 19 Decking Boards. Grades available select and Standard and Better. Price on Application. All hardwood decking is priced for Random Length Job Lots

CURRENT SPECIAL BLACKBUTT DECKING - New quality stock just arrived..., get in quick!!! 130mm x 19mm only $8.95 L/M 86mm x 19mm only $5.80 L/M Beautiful Australian hardwood decking.Good lengths. Class 1 durability BAL 29 Ph: 0438116156 to place an order or make an enquiry # blackbutt # blackbuttdecking # timberdecking # outdoordesign # landscapedesign # alfresco # discounttimber. Most decking builders use yellow stringybark because of its price and durability. Worm holes and gum veins are present in stringy bark. For some, these variations are welcome, but others prefer a. Lot 2, 6B Nightingale Close, Blackbutt. Centrally located to take full advantage of transport, easy road and rail access to Wollongong, minutes to Stockland Shellharbour and Shellharbour South Beach. The homes are elevated, providing extensive views towards the escarpment and surrounding area. Offering three bedrooms, two bathrooms plus 3rd wc. Composite decking products are durable, safe, eco-friendly, easy to install and low-maintenance. Composite decking is resistant to the toughest Australian weather conditions. You do not have to replace any decking boards that are rotten, irregular or attacked by insects, saving time and money while extending the life of your deck

21 Bellambi St, Tarrawanna NSW 2518 Ph: 02 4283 5211 Fax:02 4285 2076 Email Carindale, QLD. 175mm rise, 250mm going Fully hot dip galvanised. Available in the Timber texture, the stair treads are 300mm wide and 75mm thick. I have replaced the concrete stair treads a few times over the last 30yrs and alway thought they were ugly at the front of my house. Black Corrugated Aluminium 50MM Flat Stair Tread - Per Metre. Two aluminium stair step treads 900mm x 250mm x 50mm.

When you install a Blackbutt deck, you can expect to enjoy it for more than 40 years, providing you maintain it correctly. If you are looking for competitive prices on high quality timber, QDT is your number one choice. We offer delivery throughout Melbourne six days per week, and are always more than happy to provide you with advice and. Blackbutt Decking Showing all 6 results Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to lo 90 x 19 blackbutt Decking select grade. TREATED PINE DECKING. 90 x 22. H3 standard grade. 4.8 ? 5.4. 90 x 22. premium grade. 4.2 ? 4.8. MODWOOD DECKING AND KLEVA KLIP RANGE (all colors in natural grain from black bean, silver gum, jarrah and saharra) 68 x 17. screening board. 4.8. 88 x 23. decking board. 5.4

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DESCRIPTION Blackbutt all new decking 85x19 from $3.80, 135x19 from $6.50 per metre.130x19 from $7.50 per metre. Pack lots only price special clearance while stocks last Timber flooring, decking, floorboards, floors, recycled timber and solid timber flooring are just a few of the high quality products offered by Nash Timbers. We are the go-to company in Australia for Blackbutt timber, Ironbark, recycled, and countless other quality timber products Blackbutt is a species that has been used for cladding for decades and is stunning. Timber and Rose also has matching Blackbutt flooring, decking, battens and lining boards. Preferred Unit. Choose an option Lineal Meter (l/m) Square Meter (m2) Width. Choose an option 70mm 120mm 170mm

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We stock a range of Australian Hardwood species for decking including Spotted Gum, Iron Bark and Blackbutt. Australian Hardwoods make beautiful and unique decking timbers with strength and durability to match the Kwila and Pacific Jarrah. Our Australian Hardwood decking is sold in either 86x19, 90x19, 140x25, 135x19 dressed on four sides Blackbutt is a beautiful light to mid brown colour with tinges of pink. It is stunning for flooring, Decking, Cladding, and Lining and the grain is usually straight and texture its medium and even. Blackbutt grows abundantly in the coastal forests between Bega, NSW and Maryborough, QLD Premier Decking ™. Premier Decking. A hardwood timber deck provides a way to enhance any home, garden, commercial or retail property. Timber decking creates a comfortable, attractive and flexible feature that can be added to any kind of flat, sloping, wet or even waterside site. Features & Benefits It is more comparable to Blackbutt, having fewer darker shades to create a unique mix suitable for different styles. As the series 600 name implies, the Boral NSW 600 Series Spotted Gum decking is engineered up to 600mm span saving in installation and subfloor costs. Durability: Class 1 above ground; BAL 12.5, 19 and 29 rating

Finlayson's supply a variety of species including Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum and Iron Bark. Durable and tough hardwood species for the harsh Australian environment. *Please note: Prices in catalogue are a Guide only and are subject to change, please confirm current pricing with a Finlayson representative. Section 3 - Decking Just after a price of 320 L/m of 130×19 blackbutt decking delivered to lower plenty thanks. Reply. Romilly Blackburn on June 15, 2016 at 22:14. Hi there, I was interested in getting a quote for Blackbutt or Spotted gum decking 86×19 - 190 lineal metre BLACKBUTT DECKING. Details; Code Product Name Add to Favourites Price Quantity DECKB86. DECKB86. DECKING BLACKBUTT 86*19 . Add to Favourites. $8.47inc GST . DECKB13019. DECKB13019. DECKING BLACKBUTT 130*19 . Add to Favourites. $14.30inc GST. Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Blackbutt Decking 130 x 19. Blackbutt Decking 130 x 19. Regular price $ 15.35. Sale price $ 15.35. Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Blackbutt Decking 86 x 19. Blackbutt Decking 86 x 19. Regular price $ 8.15. Sale price

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Black Butt Wood Properties. Density - 930 kg/m3. Durability - Class 2 - highly resistant to decay when fully exposed to weather, clear of the ground and well drained with free air circulation. Moderately decay resistant in the ground. Hardness - Hard (rated 2 on a 6 class scale) in relation to indentation and ease of working with hand. Spotted Gum is a fabulous hardwood but if you want a timber floor with a more consistent colour, don't get SG. It has virtually every timber colour in it, including some warm toned grey. Blackbutt is a lovely hardwood too and its colour is definitely more consistent. Italian Girl

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Blackbutt machines well but is only fair for steam bending. Blackbutt provides good fire resistance and is one of seven hardwood timber species that was found to be suitable by the Building Commission in Victoria for home construction in bushfire areas (provided it has a thickness greater than 18mm) The expected average cost of decking in Australia varies between $3,400 and $6,500. The average price of building a standard-sized deck per square metre sits at around $187.50/m2. However, the job quotes range from $160/m2 to $220/m2 because of certain factors such as the size of the deck and the material used 3. Blackbutt. Blackbutt provides great fire resistance and depending on which state you live in, may even be on the list of approved hardwoods for fire zones. As far as performance goes, blackbutt is great to work with and very durable. It performs well in the Australian climate and doesn't tend to warp and split

A good deck is essential for enjoying the great Australian outdoors. So you want a deck that dishes up maximum enjoyment and requires minimum maintenance. It's this belief that drives us to create our decking from the most dense and durable recycled Australian hardwoods we can find - like Ironbark, Turpentine, Tallowwood and Blackbutt To find out more contact us Monday - Friday 7.30-5.00pm, Saturday 7.30-12 noon. For inquires and product information, visit us in-store or speak to a staff member on 9755 6811. Alternatively, you can contact us via email on info@chippysoutdoor.com.au Merbau Timber decking sizes: 140×19, 90×19. Timber Lengths: Random or Set lengths between 1.5-3.9 MT, 1.5-4.05 MT, 1.5-5.1 MT. Our Merbau decking timber prices will vary depending on the grade, size and length but regardless of which option you choose, you're guaranteed to get cheap Merbau decking in Melbourne at Greenhill Timbers

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Blackbutt features in our timber flooring range within the Stockmans Ridge, Readyflor and Latitude 25 collections. If the visual appeal of Blackbutt is your preference, it is then a matter of ascertaining which flooring product is the most suitable for your home environment, lifestyle and budget Decking Central Coast is a locally-owned business that specialises in timber decks, Merbau Decking, and composite decking.Licensed and certified to build decks of the highest quality materials in Central Coast, New South Wales, we are also trusted builders when it comes to timber flooring, roof truss, balustrade, and handrails click the item picture to see prices. blackbutt . hardwood decking SIZE PRICE; 175mm Baltic Pine Primed: $3.95 per meter: 230 x 7.5mm Cement W/B Smooth 4.2m: $17.50 each: 230 x 7.5mm Cement W/B Woodgrain 4.2m: $20.50 eac Mixed Hardwood, Red Ironbark. Black Butt, Jarrah. Pacific Jarrah. Treated Pine Select and Standard grades. Available in 140, 90, 86, 70, 64, 42 x 19 mm depending on species. Putting in a deck is a quick, affordable and easy way to expand your home and make the most of your outdoor areas. For quality timber decking in Nerang, contact us today

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86 x 19 Rustic grade hardwood decking. Rustic grade is a second grade which may have some natural features like gum veins, knots, surface checking, some mis-machining and sometimes shorter lengths. The quality is still ideal for a good quality external deck with a natural / rustic look. Sold in Random lengths only .900 and longer Ask about this Timber Blackbutt data sheet. Share. Pin. Share. Tweet. Email. Application Suitability. Furniture. Cabinetry. Joinery. Flooring. Decking & Cladding. Technical Data Density 900 Modulus of Rupture Mpa Dry 144 Radial Shrinkage 4% Hardness (janka) (kN) 9.0 Finish Good Durability Durable Machining Good Split Resistance Screwin Composite Decking 25 Years Manufacturer's Warranty. Solid Boards (Not Hollow) UV Rated, Commercial Slip Rating, Fully Capped, Weather & Termite Resistant, Maintenance Free Only Just $11.16 per lm; $58 per board; $79.60 per m2 plus gst. 140x22x5200mm. FREE Stainless Steel Clips And Screws Powder Coated Black Description. AUSSIE CLEAR is an exterior decking oil and timber finish that protects the hardwoods from the weather. It is the best oil based finish to highlight the natural grain and beauty. This results in a completely natural oiled look. AUSSIE CLEAR stabilises timber as it repels moisture, reducing checking or splitting