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  1. Russian White Cat Personality. A cousin to the more popular Russian Blue, the Russian White is a rare, good-looking, friendly, smart and loving cat. Not much sets it apart from the Russian Blue except for the color of their coat. They have a similar temperament and personality. They are an elegant breed of medium build, with a delicate short.
  2. To identify a Russian blue, look out for a cat that appears long and slender. Check to see whether the cat is around 10 inches tall to its shoulder, which is the average height for Russian blues. If you are looking at a Russian blue, you will also notice its thick, plush coat, and its distinctive green eyes
  3. Russian White Cat Facts and Interesting Information. Allergies - While not mentioned in lists of hypoallergenic cat breeds, Russian Cats have thick coats that are believed to keep the allergens closer to their skin and create less airborne particles. Life Expectancy - The Russian White has a life expectancy of around 10-20 years
  4. The Russian blue cat appears to be larger than she is because of her extremely dense, soft double coat. She may be a good choice for pet parents with allergies because she doesn't shed much and produces lower levels of the glycoprotein Fel d 1, a known allergen, than other cat breeds.. With her triangular-shaped head, the Russian blue is a long and slender cat
  5. The Havana Brown was also developed with the help of Russian Blues, and some Oriental Shorthairs carry Russian Blue DNA as well. Russian Blue cats are recognized by cat breed associations all over the world. It's important to note that Russian Blue cats are separated from Russian White, Russian Black, and Russian Tabby cats by many associations
  6. Browse Russian Blue kittens for sale & cats for adoption. The Russian Blue cat is moderately active. They do not lounge the day away but they certainly enjoy a good nap. They love being close to their companions and particularly enjoy cuddling up to the ones they love. But, they enjoy playing with their family and will happily play games
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So please dont say I do have a russian blue mix, better to say I do have a blue shorthair domestic, a little look alike a russian blue. If the coat of RB IS bluish can be discussed. Grey IS called for blue in the cat fanciers world. Here I think among others about your description of the double coat, AND these grey tips The Russian White Like all other colour varieties other than Blue, the purebred Russian WHITE is a relatively new invention. The first breeder of Whites was Frances McLeod in the UK who obtained a white Russian cat from the Archangel Islands and later brought her descendants to Australia The Russian Blue has a very distinct appearance and several unique identifiers. The easier identifiers are: · Green eyes (not yellow, blue, or orange but a dark bottle green) · Solid blue all over with just the tips of the guard hairs being silver and producing a shimmering effect. Domestic blue cats will lack this tipping and be a flat blue Adopt 47834771 a Gray or Blue Russian Blue / Domestic Mediumhair / Mixed cat in. . Mesquite, TX (31363758) Find More Listings on Oodle Classifieds Find used cars, used motorcycles, used RVs, used boats, apartments for rent, homes for sale, job listings, and local businesses on Oodle Classifieds

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Sometimes referred to as Archangel Blues, many believe that the first cats of the Russian Blue family were brought to Northern Europe and England in the late nineteenth century by sailors coming back home from the Archangel Isles. What we know is that this cat made its first appearance in England in 1875 and although Russian Blues were present in the US prior to World War II, the breed. The Russian Blue Cat (Russian: Русская голубая кошка, romanized: Russkaya golubaya koshka), commonly referred to as just Russian Blue, is a cat breed that comes in colors varying from a light shimmering silver to a darker, slate grey. Their short, dense coat, which stands out from the body, has been the hallmark of the Russian breed for more than a century Russian Blue Cat Care. The Russian blue's trademark coat is a shimmery blue with a silvery cast. The Russian blue cat's short, dense, plush coat is wonderfully easy to care for, requiring minimal grooming. Its coat naturally does not shed much. Occasional brushing will keep the coat soft and silky During the early 1970s, a solid white Russian Blue (called the Russian White) was created by the Australian breeder, Mavis Jones, through the crossing of a Russian Blue with a domestic white cat. By the late 1970s, the Russian White and Russian Black colors were accepted by cat fanciers in Australia as Russian cats (in different classes) Russian White Profile. Lifespan: 12-15 Years. Avg height: 20-25cms. Avg weight Female: 3.5-5 kg. Avg weight Male: 5-5.5 kg. Coat type: Delicate, svelte, short white coat. Coat colours and body type: This very elegant breed is of medium build. Despite the name, they may come in black, chocolate as well as white

The Russian Black, White and Tabby are cat breeds created in 1971. These breeds were derived from the Russian Blue cat so they all have the same physical characteristics apart from the coat color. But the Russian White was derived from the Russian Black and Tabby. The Russian White program started in Australia in 1971 Gallery of Russian Blue Breed and National Winners. Cats are displayed by show season, with the most recent season at the top. You may filter the photos by selecting any combination of show season, color, and cat's name or partial name. Use the Submit button to apply your choices, and the Reset button to display all photos again

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The Russian Blue cat The Russian Blue is a cat breed that comes in colors varying from a light shimmering silver to a darker, slate grey. They develop close bonds with their owners and are sought out as pets due to their personalities, beauty and coat. russian blue cat stock pictures, royalty-free photos & image Although, cats have various colors like black, brown, gray or even orange but I love the white cat the most. Here I list some of my favorite white cat breeds with pictures that look amazing and can serve as an ideal pet. Russian White. Origin: Russia . Appearance: Has short thick white fur, pointed ears and a long tail. Lifespan:15-20 year Some Russian Blue kittens are born with a hint of stripes, known as a ghost stripes. These stripes are a nod to the tabby gene all cats carry, though they usually fade with age. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) only accepts Russian Blues with blue coats, but other associations accept them in other colors, including white and black

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  1. Russian Blue Cats for Novices: The Perfect Guide on Caring, Housing, Keeping, Diet, Health and Training your Russian Blue Cat by Ciro Gabriel 3.0 out of 5 stars
  2. The white Siberian cat - which may have been of Siberian breed or simply and unpedigreed cat from Siberia - was mated to Myemgay Yuri, a blue male. She produced two white kittens, the best was kept and named White Rose (female) and this cat was the foundation female for the Russian White
  3. Russian Blue Cat Names . Russian blue cats are renowned for their intelligence and loyalty. The gentle felines are happy to follow their owners around the home, perhaps seeking wisdom to become human. They retain a strong hunting instinct, so keep them occupied with toys that mimic mouse sounds and that bounce or twitch easily
  4. Russian Whites (and Russian Blacks) are fully recognised in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa; their Breed Registry is pending in the United Kingdom, and they were recognised by the American Cat Fanciers Association at the end of the 2009 show season (i.e. in the 2010 calendar year.) They are, in a word, rare
  5. Studio shot of an adorable Blue Russian cat sleeping on a table with her nose in a milk drop, on white. Cat breed Russian blue on a blue background. Grey short-haired cat breed Russian blue stands on a blue background, horizontal wide banner with soft selective. Cat breed Russian blue on a blue background
  6. Some of you may have seen or heard of the 'pointed' Russian Blue, Color Point Russian Blue, or 'a white'. Breeders have many names for them, many of them cute nicknames like Chuckies and some not so cute, like Flushers. They are not accepted for showing, registering or breeding in the CFA but they are just as lovely as their Blue siblings

Nebelung. The Nebelung cat breed is the longhaired variety of the Russian Blue. Their name is German and means creature of the mist, a reference to the cat's shimmering silvery-blue coat that seems to float over their body. Graceful, intelligent, and affectionate, these cats have wonderful traits that would suit almost any loving family Look at pictures of Russian Blue kittens who need a home. Meow! Why buy a Russian Blue kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Russian Blue kittens who need a home. Anything LookWeird? For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari.. Adopt Toby a Black & White or Tuxedo Russian Blue / Mixed (medium coat) cat in. Russian Blue · Apple Valley, MN. 1) My mom got Toby from a friend. 2) We don't really know how old he is, but we're guessing he's 11 or 12 somewhere around t more. Tools. 2 weeks ago on Adopt-a-Pet.com A Russian Blue cat stares at its owner moonHo Joe/Getty Images. The Russian blue cat can be an excellent choice for pet parents with allergies because its extremely dense and soft double coat does. Russian Blue mix. Dallas County, Dallas, TX ID: 21-07-13-00208. BooBoo is an adorable and loving kitten with the lovely blue coloring of the Russian Blue cats, although his mom is. Black and White Cat. Panda is looking for a new home in Dallas Fort Worth

The Russian Blue. The Russian Blue is a naturally occurring breed developed mainly in Russia and Scandinavia until after World War II. The Russian Blue is a distinctively elegant cat of foreign body type with an angular, modified wedge-shaped head. The slightly upturned corners of the mouth give a sweet smiling facial expression In 1871 a Russian Blue was shown at the first cat show at the Crystal Palace in London, under the name Archangel Cat. At this point, Russian Blues were shorthaired, solid blue felines with foreign body types. From photos and published sources of the time, the original coat was thick, dense, glossy, and colored a light silver-blue 最近はあまり声を出さないでバトルしてます。小さな体でもみ合っているのが可愛い フウカりんに逃げられてキュート王子. Pierremont Abyssinians. Best Russian Blue Kitten Of The Year. IW BW GEMEMERALD FIRIONA VIE. Bred/Owned By: DMITRY S GEMBITSKY. Best Russian Blue Alter Of The Year. RW BW SGCA FEI WU ORLANDO. Bred By: WU YA CHI. Owned By: THOMAS YIU WING KAI. FaLang translation system by Faboba

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  1. Deafness: Deafness is more likely to occur in white cats with blue eyes; however, that is not guaranteed. A survey of 185 white cats reported the following results: 25% of white cats with yellow eyes have normal hearing. 31% of white cats and blue eyes had normal hearing. 7% of white cats with yellow eyes were deaf
  2. g Fall & Winter 2021 litters. Deposit of $200 required to be placed on the waiting list. $600 deposit if choosing pick of the litter option. All deposits are applied to final purchase price. We anticipate 8-10 litters within the next year
  3. Russian Blue Cats: Russian Blue is a breed of domestic cat that originated in Russia and is also known as Archangel Blues. This medium sized cat has bright green eyes and a blue-grey coat. They often appear larger than they actually are due to their double layer of thick fur, which stands out at a 45 degree angle. Russian Blues are also known.
  4. Valnika Russian Blues, Carthage, Texas. 462 likes · 12 talking about this. Breeding quality purebred Russian blue cats since 2003. We breed from show quality lines incorporating beauty plus..
  5. Although blue is the only color accepted by the North American registries, other colors are accepted elsewhere. The Australian Cat Federation (ACF), for example, accepts the Russian in blue, black, and white. Russian Blue Cat's Personality. Russian Blues are gentle, reserved cats that can be found under the bed when guests pop in for a visit
  6. Browse 839 russian blue cat stock photos and images available, or search for russian blue cat isolated to find more great stock photos and pictures. russian blue - russian blue cat stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. portrait of russian blue cat lying on side - russian blue cat stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
  7. Russian kittens. Coast, Western Australia. $ 550. Russian kittens blu ice cattery offer for sale russian kittens in the colours of blue and black. All kittens are pedigree and registered with the feline. 2. aussietraders.com.au. Report Ad. 30+ days ago

As with any rare color, the white kittens may get reserved sight unseen. Another thing to note about white cats is that cats with white coats and blue eyes can often be born deaf. This is an inherited genetic condition, and there's no way of knowing whether a kitten will be affected until they grow a little older. Deaf cats can, of course. For instance, the Russian blue is a cat breed that's common around the world. But a rare breed, such as the Ussuri, is seldom seen as a companion animal. Russian cat breeds vary widely in appearance and temperament. Many were developed in different parts of Russia, so their ancestry is relatively distinct. Here are 10 great cat breeds from Russia Russian blue cat Teas Reading. PrenursingSmarterPro. Get Quizlet's official TEAS - 2,005 terms, 553 practice questions, 2 full practice tests. Preview

#RussianBlue #HypoalergenicCat #RussianCatShoulder cat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUU0Z7p00ToBrushing with the furminator: https://www.youtube.com/watc.. The GCCF also recognises green-eyed Russian Whites (RUS w 64) and Russian Blacks (RUS n), which were first bred in the UK in the early 1960s although only attaining full Championship status in 2013. These cats should be identical in every way to Russian Blues, except for their coat colour. The GCCF publishes agreed standards of points that lay.

The History of the Russian Blue. Born just south of the Arctic Circle in the Russian port city of Archangel, the Russian Blue was an intrepid explorer who legend says rode with Cossacks and frequently made his way to other climes as a ship's cat. But don't think of him as strictly working class Find the perfect Russian Blue Cat stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Russian Blue Cat of the highest quality Russian Gzhel Cat Figurine, Handpainted Blue & White Porcelain, Flower Ornament Collectible Big Fat Cat Animal Figurine, House Warming Gift This lovely big fat cat porcelain figurine was made in Gzhel (Gschel, Гжель) - the traditional Russian artisan pottery and craftsmanship center

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The Russian White, Russian Black, and Russian Tabby are breeds of cat created in 1971, derived from crossing the Russian Blue. The Black and Tabby Russians came from the original mating which created the Russian White. It is appropriate to consider their origins first. In Australia, The Russian White program started on the 4 May 1971 by Dick and Mavis Jones of Myemgay Cattery. Below is an. They are a medium sized cat which combines sheer elegance with intelligence. Perhaps lesser known are the Russian Black and Russian White. As their names suggest, they are black or white rather than silvery blue in colour. The Russian Black's coat colour is a dense glossy black to the skin, with black nose leather and paw pads Russian Blue Cats: Breed Guide. Posted by. Dan. 5 minute read. Russian blues are a gentle breed with a stunning blue-grey coat. They make great family pets being quite social, they typically live between 15 and 20 years. Russian Blues. Weight. Male: 4.5kg - 5.5kg / Female: 3kg - 4.5kg

Russian Blue Cats & Russian Blue Cat Breeders. The Russian Blue is a cat breed that has a silver-blue coat. They are very intelligent and playful, but tend to be shy around strangers. They develop close bonds with their human companions and are sought out as pets due to their personalities and coat. The Russian Blue is an intelligent, curious. The Russian Blue (left) and Korat both sport a short, silvery blue coat and green eyes, but if you look closely, you can tell which is which. Both have large, round eyes, but when partially or fully closed, the Korat's eyes generally have a slanted appearance. Interestingly, the brilliant green color doesn't appear until the Korat is 2 to 4 years old Russian Blue cats r/ russianblue. Join. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 47. Posted by 1 day ago. Phoebe Lynn. 47. 1 comment. share. save. 45. Posted by 1 day ago. LVE this little guy! 45. 6 comments. share. save. 70. Posted by 1 day ago. Do cats like pillows? My guy is always napping at.

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Russian Blue cats grow to be approximately 10 inches tall and weigh 7-15 pounds. If well cared for, they can live 15-20 years - if not longer! These kitties are also referred to as Archangel Blues, Foreign Blues, or Maltese Cats. Origin. The Russian Blue Cat is a naturally occurring breed, which means we'll never know its true origin Although the Russian Blue is shorthaired, consider his cousin the Nebelung cat if you're in the market for a longhair version of this beauty. History Although much of the origin of the Russian blue is lost in the mists of time or is passed down in legends that don't stand up to scrutiny, he was originally known as the Archangel cat THE RUSSIAN BLUE CAT. The Russian Blue cat is one of the most easily recognized pure-bred cats in the world with its lean, athletic form, exquisite face and startling green eyes. This is a very old natural breed common to the Russian town of Arkhangelski. Originally known as the Archangel cat, they were introduced to Europe in the mid 1800's.

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The Russian Blue's elegant yet muscular body led one cat judge to proclaim him the Doberman Pinscher of cats. He has what's called a semi-foreign body type, meaning it is moderate in shape, falling somewhere between the short, compact body of breeds such as Persians and the sleek angles of Oriental breeds such as the Siamese Fun Russian Blue kitten cat fact: Unlike most kittens born with blue eyes, the Russian Blue has yellow eyes at birth, and by four months there is a bright green ring around the pupil. A Royal Favorite. Although the exact origin of the Russian Blue cat breed is unknown, it is believed that the Russian blue originates from northern Russia, specifically the Archangel Isles Most Russian Blue Cats stand out because of their bright-colored green eyes! They are also called blue because they come in a range of bluish grays to light silver dense hair color. They are also built with a wedge-shaped head and are rounder than other breeds Mum is a Russian blue cross with a fab temperament, and a very loved family pet. The kittens are living in a busy home environment alongside children and dogs too. They will be fully weaned litter trained, wormed and de flead before leavi. Sale | Cats | Russian Blue | Darlington. £350 Mom is Russian blues mix and dad purebred Russia blue. Kittens will come with their first shot, dewormed 2 times. $300 non-refundable after 24 hours deposit is required to hold the kitten. Please contact me at (416) 845-1155 for more pictures and videos If you see the ad the kittens are available

Lost cat: Grey and white Russian Blue cat [name withheld] - Darlaston area, West Midland Hypoallergenic kittens for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Well socialized companion cats/therapy cats. Our cats are imported from Russia - the homeland of Siberian Forest cats, and Europe. All our cats are either Champions themselves or come from a champion blood line. We are located near Seattle, Washington Russian Blue Cat Mugs,White CafePress - Russian Blue Cat Large Mug - Coffee Mug, Large 15 oz. White Coffee Cup 3dRose mug_150910_1 Standing Russian Blue Cat Ceramic Mug, 11-Ounc

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Russian White. The Russian White is a rare breed that was developed in Australia in the 1970s. The breed was created by crossing a Russian Blue to a white Siberian in order to create a cat with the Russian Blue's personality and physical traits but with a white coat. The breed won championship status from the Cat Fanciers' Association in 2010 The Russian Blue is quite an old feline breed that descends from cats native to the current, and former, country of Russia. This is a lean, medium-sized cat with a short, dense, plush double-coat that is described as being seal-like in texture. The color should be a solid bluish-gray, with a distinctly silvery sheen that comes from the dilute expression of the black gene Russian Blue Cats adopted on Rescue Me! Donate. Adopt Russian Blue Cats in Louisiana. Filter. 21-07-19-00273 C38 Dumbledore (m) (male) Russian Blue mix. St. Tammany Parish, Slidell, LA ID: 21-07-19-00273. Grey and white medium to long hair. Loving and playful Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Russian Blue Cat. A variety of tools and equipment are available in the market that assists in the training of this cat. Clicker Training. A clicker making sharp sounds is generally used when training Russian Blue Cat. This sound is made when the cat behaves in a desirable manner

Other breeds come in a range of colors and patterns and often include the blue coloring made famous by breeds like the Russian Blue. If you love the look of a blue-coated cat as much as we do, check out these 10 blue cat breeds. 1. American Shorthair. Image Credit: karikdickinson, Pixabay A white cat with mixed-colored eyes is most likely to be deaf on the blue-eyed side. Dids. People believe that Russian blue cats originate from northern Russia, hence their name. The Ancestry of Different Cat Breeds. About 40 distinct cat breeds have been recognized. Ancestry of some of these breeds goes back to the time of antiquity Famous for their plush blue coat, the Russian Blue Cat is widely believed to have originated in the Russian port city of Arkhangelsk.The breed most likely made its journey to Europe, specifically. 65% to 85% deafness occurs if a white cat's eyes are both blue. 40% chance of hearing loss if a cat has only one blue eye. 17% to 22% odds of auditory impairment if a cat is a pure white with non-blue eyes. White cats need to inherit a particular gene or gene complex to be diagnosed deaf. Cats can be deaf in one or both ears The cat staged its first public appearance in 1871, when a Russian Blue was displayed at the Crystal Palace in London, under the name Archangel Cat. In those days, the Russian Blue looked quite different than what we are familiar with today. They were short-haired, solid blue cats with thick, dense, glossy coats

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Bluebebop Russians. My name is Corinne Page. I am a registered breeder of purebred pedigree Russian Blue , Russian Black, and Nebelung kittens based in Rockingham, 45km south of Perth, Western Australia. I am registered with COAWA (affiliated to ACF) and am a Rockingham Council Approved Breeder, which includes inspections by the Range r A Russian blue cat is a breed of cat and one possible corporeal form of the Patronus Charm.1 Pottermore (Appears as a Patronus) Wizarding World (Appears as a Patronus 100 russian blue kittens for adoption,Text me at... 352 x 658 x 3651. for more details and pictures. Beautiful, playful, unregistered kittens brought up in a noisy home environment. Kittens have been vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, flea39d and litter trained

Russian Blue cats originated from the Russian port of Arkhangelsk. For this reason, they're also known as the Archangel cats. At the port, the cats boarded boats with sailors and saw the sights of Europe. The Russian Blue was at the first cat shows in England around 1880 and showed up in the United States in the early 1900s Browse thousands of kittens and cats for sale or adoption by breeder, owner and shelter. Adopt a cat locally from the owner or rescue. Buy kittens from a cattery or breeder worldwide. Get your pick of the litter. Browse our available cats & kittens to find the purr-fect match for your lifestyle. When you are ready, contact the cat breeders, rescues or pet owners of your favorite kittens to. The Nebelung cat breed was developed in the 1980s when Cora Cobb, a woman who owned two blue-grey cats that looked like Russian Blues, but with semi-longhaired coats. These cats, named Siegfried and Brunhilde, ultimately became the foundation for the Nebelung breed. This didn't happen without some effort on Cora Cobb's part Apr 17, 2014 - Photos of Russian cats and kittens. Pictures of many cat breeds.Also Russian cat breed profile and Russian cat breeder Texas View/Post Russian Blue Cats for Adoption in Texas on Rescue Me!: Texas Russian Blue Rescue Groups TOP OF PAGE ADD NEW SHELTER OR RESCUE GROUP Listings are alphabetized by county (when known)

The Russian White was derived from the Russian Black and Tabby. The first generations of Russian White were registered in 1971. The GCCF and the ACF don't recognize this breed as a separate breed. Instead, they recognize them as Russian Blue in different colors Russian Blue . The Russian Blue is long, slender, and muscular. She sports a blue-grey double coat that is plush and silky to the touch, making her appear somewhat larger than she is. As a kitten, her eyes are yellow; with age, they become a vivid green. Of the many grey cat breeds, the Russian Blue is the only one considered to be hypoallergenic Russian Blue. The Russian Blue - $3,000. Russian Blue is another breed that made it in the list of most expensive cat breeds. Even sold for $3000, this breed is something that you want if you prefer a cat that has a beautiful fur, not to mention close bond with humans. It is known for its slate grey colored dense coat 1.) Blue Eyes. 2.) Gold Eyes. 3.) Green Eyes. 4.) Bi-Eyes (Can have one blue eye and one gold or green eye) You will see many of our white cats in movies, commercials, TV shows, greeting cards and stock image models!! Below is a video of one of our sweet white Persian kittens rolling around and playing

Male Russian Blue Cat Names Jai Lyosha Riley Milton Conrad Max Tyler Buster Leo Fyodor Oliver Langston Radley Alyosha Oswald Barnes Colvin Jalen Kolya Ogden Arden Sammy Norton Vadim Pyotr Wiley Cadman Bowie Duke Albs Farley Dax Ilya Sasha Nikolai Zander Prince Vladimir Boyce Jasper Chauncey Calhoun Beasley Boris Sawyer Kuzma Blake Palmer Ranger Sergei Russian names are especially good for Russian cat breeds like the Siberian cat - with the Neva Masquerade variant - the Russian Blue, the Donskoy, the Peterbald or the Kurilian Bobtail. If you have any other kind of cat, though, you'll realize you can also find a Russian name that's perfect for them The Russian Blue cat is a medium sized cat that is handsome and athletic looking cat. Their fur is almost velvet like and they are not heavy shedders. The average weight of a Russian Blue cat is 3.5 to 7 kgs with males cats heavier than females. The lifespan of the Russian Blue cat is about 15 to 18 years Meet Sasha, Russian Blue Kitten For Adoption in Houston TX. Are you hoping to adopt a Russian Blue kitten in Houston, Texas? Sasha is an adorable 5 pound playful and adorable Russian Blue mix kitten in need of her loving, forever home. She is in good health and is litter trained and well behaved. She is about as cuddly and sweet as a kitten can be Use the form to the right to find a kitten near you. See photos of cute kittens in your area. Search kittens in your area by breed, size and more! Before you buy a kitten, adopt a kitten! This pet-saving service is funded by the passionate pet lovers at


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An elegant cat with a neat Russian history, the Blue is an engaging cat. They will even learn to play fetch! Image source: @Tatters via Flickr #12 - Siamese. The cat itself, the Siamese. A lot of the breeds on this list come from the Siamese, a cat that is easily recognizable to even those outside of the cat fancy world The Russian Blue is considered to be a hypoallergenic cat, and there's evidence that the Russian Blue can produce less of the glycoprotein Fel d, which is the most common known allergens of a cat. Its dense coat can trap most of its allergens, preventing those who suffer from allergies from breathing it in Meet Nui, Siamese Russian Blue Mix Cat For Adoption in Honolulu HI Big and beautiful, Nui is an amazing mix of Siamese cat and Russian Blue. At just 1 year old, Nui is in good health, fixed, up to date on shots and ready to love kohatora&chibiko. Russian Blue Koharu & White cat Kotora US$0.99. リストに追加する. Send as a gift; Purchas

The Russian Blue is a cat breed that comes in colors varying from a light shimmering silver to a darker, slate grey. Their short, dense coat has been the hallmark of the Russian breed for more than a century. The dense coat stands out from the body. Russian blue cat. +6 more terms A Russian Blue Cat with a hypoallergenic coat cleaning itself. Maya Donut Cat Bed - Snowball White £20.99 Omlet Cat Litter No. 1 - Silica - 8.75L £14.99 Maya Cat Litter Box - Enclosed (with Scoop, Liner and Carbon Filter) £124.99 Cat Balcony Enclosure - 2.7m / 9ft. That meant the blue offspring of a Russian White crossed to a Russian Blue could be registered as Russian Blues. Ingrid Nuyten imported an Australian Russian White male kitten, Yaralin Sjtsjoekin (b. 1993), a descendant of the Jones' breeding programme. He was bred to several Russian Blue queens, founding Russian White breed lines in Europe Some cat breeds with blue eyes (especially pointed breeds) have a recessive albinism gene, which means that they'll always have bright blue eyes. Whereas other breeds have an extra gene which also blocks the coat colour, so these cats will not only have blue eyes but they'll also be white in colour

Photo about Portrait of russian blue cat with green eyes sitting on isolated white background. Image of animal, purebred, russian - 2906488 The first Russian Blues got to England and Northern Europe by coming on ships in the 1860s. And the first time a Russian Blue was in a cat show was in 1875, in England. In the beginning, all kinds of blue cats were shown in the same class, but finally in 1912, the Russians got a class of their very own

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