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You cannot add images directly yourself! 2) Invitations are offered ONLY to images that are in Flickr's Explore. 3) Our tireless invite bot David Kracht (a script actually) invites all photos featured in explore once a day (at 4 am UTC) and should invite 99% of all explored images. However sometimes 79 16. Maybe in a parallel universe, I'm braver & stronger. by Elle O Elle. 84 20. Orange Reflections by mokastet. 40 2. Of night and light and the half light - Dundalk, Ontario - Canada by Alan McCord Photography. 42 15. Window - Explore 15th July 2021 by Christina. 35 6 Flickr staff tell us Flickr Pro users account for only a very tiny proportion of Flickr users (less than 1%). Our studies consistently show almost 50% of the images in Explore are from people with Flickr Pro accounts. There is no logical reason why Flickr would want to bias Explore towards Flickr Pro accounts

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Explore Explore Scotland's 677 photos on Flickr SmugMug+Flickr. Connecting people through photography. You have no clue, why you are choosen, it don't makes you a better (or even a good) photographer, but damn... somehow, when you get there it really feels good ;-) In Explore You have no clue, why you are choosen, it don't makes you a better (or even a good) photographer, but damn. Flickr's Explore page is one of the most beloved features for photographers in the Flickr community. It's a way to seek inspiration and discover amazing talent from the community, or to connect with photographers who share similar interests. Our Explore algorithm displays a rotating array of images from Flickr members every day based on.

639 77. Three Valley Gap is Burning by WestEndFoto. 437 20. What a mouthful! by Robert Withey Photography. 911 79. Somewhere in Navajo country by Guillaume DELEBARRE. 696 43. Dialogue with the Stars by Willa Wei. 614 35 This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy The exposure Explore offers, and the fun of getting in, is a powerful motivator to bring people's upload behavior in line with what Flickr wants. Instead of allowing people the opportunity to make those adjustments Flickr needlessly bans them from Explore and forgets them forever SmugMug+Flickr. Connecting people through photography. Explore Recent Photos; Trending; Events; The Commons; Flickr Galleries; World Map; Camera Finder; Flickr Blog; Prints Explore. Share. XT301463_Rotterdam by Bart Knol 588 34 Closed by mydoghasnono.se 409 28 where have all the children gone by ivan srdic 536 33.

EXPLORE: Jul 26-2o21#Nº 30 y el 145 de mi Galería. Luz del amanecer sobre las amapolas...Dawn light on the poppies by lameato feliz 696 11 Explore is Flickr's automated attempt to show you the most awesome photos on Flickr. Explore showcases 500 photos per day, said to be about 0.005% of the daily upload volume. Ages ago in dog years and Internet time, Flickr was Continue reading Red squirrel by Wildlife_2010. 950 62. Rainforest Mist & Light by Atmospherics. 670 29. #TBT: Apollo 15 Launches - July 26, 1971 by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. 542 20. Storm Dennis . . . Explore 29-07-2021 #18 by Brad Eide. 793 35

  1. Flickr is no longer removing images with watermarks from Explore. However, photoborders and the other usual suspects remain targets for removal. The question remains whether all users previously banned for watermark use will get a reprieve and be unbanned from Explore
  2. Flickr's Explore page is one of the most beloved features for photographers in the Flickr community. Powered by an algorithm we continue to fine-tune, the page displays a rotating array of about 500 images from Flickr members every day. Explore is a great way to seek inspiration, discover fantastic talent from the community, and connect with.
  3. Explore. Share. July 17, 2021 July 18, 2021 July 19, 202
  4. View the most interesting photos and videos uploaded to Flickr today on Fluidr. Fluidr makes it easy to view photos and videos on Flickr using continuous pagination which essentially means that you can view hundreds of photos and videos without ever having to click on a 'next' link. You can view items sort by Interestingess or shuffle images, all on a black background
  5. Explore Ziggy Matters's 752 photos on Flickr! fomoloop. 46 Followers•63 Following. 752 Photos. Memphis, United States. Joined 200

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  1. Flickr Explore looks for images with the most views, favorites, and comments in the shortest amount of time. So it only makes sense that you upload when your followers are most likely to be online. You'll need to check which time zone most of them are in and judge based on this
  2. Explore. Share. July 31, 2021 August 1, 2021 August 2, 202
  3. Explore takeovers are manually curated by the Flickr team to celebrate specific communities and themes on Flickr. In the past, we've done Explore takeovers to highlight photography of the Black Lives Matter movement , Polaroid Week , Inktober , Black photographers and history , women photographers , and Earth Day

Explore is Flickr's Daily Artist Showcase.Every day Flickr admins choose 500 of the most interesting images determined by interestingness.. Being chosen as one of these elite few can mean a huge increase in your photo's views and the number of comments and favourites you receive. Land on the front page of Explore, Flickr's home page, and magical things happen, all of which having. Flickriver: Most interesting photos from the last 7 days. IMG_4319 by Hans Fotograaf. enjoч the sılence by val.xox

Leaving Flickr. April 13, 2016 saffronblaze 26 Comments. Hi folks, I have decided to leave Flickr. The site isn't what it used to be and seems to be getting worse by the day. Flickr staff made it clear they find me more of a problem than a help and I find them less than honest. When you are effectively banned from major areas of a site. Explore Flickr's various ways to befriend current Flickr account holders and invite non-Flickr community members known as guests to view, rate and comment on your photos using their guest passes option. 9. Enable statistics reports on photo performance. Take advantage of the free feedback Flickr provide Flickriver - view images as a 'river of photos' and more..

Flickr Stats Top Photographers Flickr Explore There are 2403454 photos in Flickr Explore since the 2004-01-07 from 350780 diferent people. Each day Flickr generate a rank called Explore, there are a lot of photos since they started, maybe you are, or your contacts are.. 10.} 'Explore' is another completely fabulous area! It is a continuously updated stream of exceptional or interesting photos to jumpstart your creativity or simply set you on your way for an evening of getting sucked deep into the world of Flickr of which I am a permanent citizen Each day, Flickr showcases 500 photographs from among that day's tens of thousands uploaded. A super-secret algorithm selects them based on their interestingness for other Flickr users to explore. Today's Explored photos are always on this page for your browsing pleasure Category:Photos in Flickr Explore. This category is not shown on its member pages unless the appropriate user preference is set. Photos in Flickr Explore, the site's daily awards program, chosen by an in-house jury. This category contains 15,552 files, which is 0.02% of all 62,876,143 files in Wikimedia Commons

SafeSearch is a feature that allows you to control what turns up in your searches on Flickr. This feature is enabled for all members by default. Note - If Featured photos in Explore. Flickr's Explore page is one of the most beloved features for photographers in the Flickr community. It's a way to seek inspiration and discover ama.. Explore is a daily stream (viewed by thousands of people) of the top 500 photos as selected by Flickr's interestingness algorithm. The actual math that comprises this algorithm is kept a highly guarded secret by Flickr's engineers If you want to know what makes a good photograph, just look through flickr/explore. Granted, explore is assembled by views and favs, but people don't view or fav bad photos. What you will find with the vast majority of the photos is that there is an EXTREMELY STRONG subject and one or two supporting elements Explore Flickr now! NEW This is Darckr version 1 !!! Many new features. Yes, you are viewing Flickr content using the brand new Darckr version v1.18. There are many new features, including colors, shadows, backgrounds, styles, personal css handling and more. Check the changes page for details The changes to our Free accounts are significant, and I'd like to explain why these changes are necessary and why we're confident they're the right path forward for Flickr. Beginning January 8, 2019, Free accounts will be limited to 1,000 photos and videos. If you need unlimited storage, you'll need to upgrade to Flickr Pro

Explore Flickr's best photos keyboard shortcuts : →, J or SPACE scroll to next photo, ← or K scroll to previous photo, S start screensaver mode, F add to Flickr's favorite Flickriver - view images as a 'river of photos' and more... photo size: medium 640 ne

Explore takeovers are manually curated by the Flickr team to celebrate specific communities and themes on Flickr. In the past, we've done Explore takeovers to highlight photography of the Black Lives Matter movement, Polaroid Week, and Inktober. Moving forward, we aim to curate an Explore takeover on the fourth Thursday of each month If you're not receiving a password reset email, please check your spam and trash folders for an email from donotreply@flickr.com. Additionally, add donotreply@flickr.com to your contacts and request another email. If you're still having no luck, you may need to get in touch with your email provider's support The Explore Tab Flickr FAQ: The Explore section on the home page now revolves to show what is happening in different areas of the site. You might see recent uploads, a glimpse of groups, a piece.

A score of people use Explore to find new photos on Flickr everyday. When a photo is on the Front Page, it is exposed to a huge audience of photo enthusiasts around the world. So, being on Explore Front Page is like being featured on the front page of a popular newspaper - your work gets noticed, people add you as their contact etc Feb 6, 2018 - Explore robinson.sweet's photos on Flickr. robinson.sweet has uploaded 158 photos to Flickr Explore - Our Universe | Flickr Galleries. These galleries of Hubble images highlight some of the most spectacular, famous or scientifically objects captured by the telescope. Though they're but a fraction of Hubble's approximately 1.5 million observations of the universe, these images give a sense of the wide-ranging wonders that Hubble.

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  1. Explore is a Flickr feature with the intent of showing you some of the most awesome photos on Flickr. Photos are automatically selected by computer according to a secret algorithm called Interestingness (see below for more about that)
  2. About Explore Takeovers Explore takeovers are manually curated by the Flickr team to celebrate specific communities and themes on Flickr. In the past, we've done Explore takeovers to highlight photography of the Black Lives Matter movement, Polaroid Week, Inktober, and Black photographers and history.Moving forward, we aim to curate an Explore takeover on the fourth Thursday of each month
  3. A Unique Pixsy plan for Flickr Pro customers: 1,000 monitored images, standard scanning priority, unlimited case submission, 10 takedown notices. Stats on your photo views. Ad-free browsing and sharing on Flickr. Desktop Uploadr for automatically backing-up images. Ability to use specific commercial activity to promote your business and products
  4. Doing it Manually. The first is to simply export the photos from Lightroom as you normally would, open Flickr in a web browser, and use the Flickr website's upload function. If you're rarely uploading to Flickr or just have to do it as a one-off thing to share images with a client, it's probably the easiest way to do it
  5. Flickr is a photo sharing website that allows people to post photos for public or private viewing. If you are a professional photographer or you simply want to start selling your amateur photography, there are some guidelines and options for making money on Flickr
  6. Flickr App articles Delete photos and videos in the Flickr app Participate in group discussions with the Flickr app About the Auto-Uploadr in the Flickr app Create and manage albums in Flickr App How to upload photos and videos in the Flickr app Fix unresponsive Flickr app Change privacy settings in the Flickr app Clear the cache for your Flickr app Available settings in the Flickr app Edit.

Flickr is home to billions of photos and millions of groups of passionate photographers. • Organization and sharing made simple. Browse with ease, select and organize hundreds of photos with one gesture, and share in seconds. • Unleash your creativity. Edit your photos, add filters, crop images, and more Flickr and Fujifilm's Street Photography Critique. July 9, 2021. July 9, 2021. With over 600 photos submitted and almost 350 people watching live, Flickr and Fujifilm's first virtual photo critique event on July 8 was a great success! If you missed the critique, no worries—you can still find it here Find your photos in Flickr's Explore pages. Make a unique poster to show the world your achievement. Flickr DNA. A high-level overview of any Flickr member's public profile and recent and most interesting photos. Add a button to your blog or website Celebrating 11 years of The Commons. January 16, 2019. January 16, 2019. Today marks the 11th anniversary of The Commons - a project that Flickr began to provide cultural institutions, such as libraries, museums, and historical societies, with a space to share their digital collections with people around the world

Welcome to Flickr's home for real-time and historical data on site performance. We'll communicate site-wide performance issues here. If you're experiencing an issue not reflected here, please visit our Help Center or Help Forum for support. No incidents reported today. No incidents reported The latest Tweets from Flickr (@Flickr). Stunning photos and stories, event announcements, latest news, and much more from within the Flickr community. Need support? Let us know at @FlickrHelp. San Francisco, C

Explore RVA -Badon Rain-'s photos on Flickr. RVA -Badon Rain- has uploaded 411 photos to Flickr Best Instagram hashtag tool for creators, brands, and marketers - Search, analyze and manage Instagram hashtags. Best Instagram hashtag recommendations and analytics. 7-day free trial Flickr has very intense feel of the old internet, community-based and almost nice spirit in it. Those days are gone. Everyone's paying the bill for the free internet in every type of use. In the end, this process will cut through the unavoidable services and the disposable ones. Flickr definitely is in the disposable ones category

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Nauka arrived at the orbiting lab at 9:29 a.m. EDT (1329 GMT) July 29 and connected to Russia's Zvezda service module's Earth-facing port. Novitskiy and Dubrov were preparing to open the hatch. First, make sure you are typing the Flickr screen name correctly without any additional spaces or punctuation. Your Flickr screen name is often not the same as your Yahoo! username. The next thing to check is if you are hiding your Flickr profile from searches. You can change this setting at Flickr in your account (or by clicking right here.

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Flickrfox lets you browse flickr photostreams in a sidebar in firefox. It makes managing groups, searching tags, and keeping up with your contacts easy, and it's a fun way to explore flickr Explore Flickr What are photo sharing websites all about? Photo sharing websites have been around since the 90s, but it took a small startup site called Flick r (now owned by Yahoo) to catapult the idea of sharing into a full blown online community. Flickr uses tags or what we would call keywords to help identify and search for photos

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Flickriver - A new way to view Flickr photos and more... Shifting by Pete Rowbottom, Wigan, UK. Perfect Colors (Explore #2) by Fabian Fortmann. Shortcuts. by Igor Danilov Philadelphia. Monte Alban_Mexico_0711 by travelforfunandsoul Sharing and Social articles Create a Flickr Group Send and receive emails with FlickrMail Stats for Flickr Pro members only Leave a Flickr group Create or delete temporary Guest Passes in Flickr Find and join a Flickr group Make a public Flickr group private Mark a contact as friends or family Give attribution to photographers with CC license Someone can't see my photos Post, reply to, or. Explore recent | interesting today | yesterday | last 7 days interesting | choose a date E-2021-08-03-1910_f by ncsmsky. export_6222319669189725336 by. In the address bar of Chrome, type chrome://apps and press ↵ Enter. Click the Flickr Downloadr icon. Click the house icon to launch the search. In the search field, type a keyword/topic, a Flickr user's account name, or the name of a Flickr group. Click the magnifying glass to begin your search

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While Flickr used to be the place to hang out around 2008, its growth has stalled and the consensus is that Flickr used to be great-it could have been brilliant-but owing to a failure to develop it is a social media has-been. For some of us, this isn't a problem; but it might become a problem in the not-too-distant future Flickr is a great digital tool that has been responsible for the curation of images from the ultra mundane to the graphic masterpiece, the pornographic to the iconic and the out of focus to the nationally archived. It's likely where a lot of you share your images on the web. But if you have aspirations of growing in your photographic career. Flickr is an online image and video hosting service and community. By default, all images on Flickr are public. When an image is public, anyone may view and download it. If this makes you uncomfortable, you may alter your default privacy settings—this change will only apply to future content May 19, 2019 - Explore April Larue's board Female Impersonators Mostly Vintage III, followed by 808 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about womanless beauty, female, vintage

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  1. #flickr. 3.7K people are posting about thi
  2. 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'flickr' hashtag. 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'flickr' hashtag. #flickr. Top posts. Recent posts from all hashtags are temporarily hidden to help prevent the spread of possible false information and harmful content related to the election..
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  4. Nov 30, 2014 - Explore pilllpat (agence eureka)'s photos on Flickr. pilllpat (agence eureka) has uploaded 43543 photos to Flickr
  5. Flickr is really about getting your photos seen by your contacts and you seeing theirs. To this end, the default view when you load the site into your browser is of recent images from your contacts

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2. Chesterton. Ani Od Chai/Flickr. Ani Od Chai/Flickr. If you love beaches, you'll absolutely fall in love with Chesterton. This town is home to the Indiana Dunes State Park, where you can explore miles of beach, water, and trails. Anna G./TripAdvisor. Chesterton has a small, yet quaint downtown area with amazing restaurants and pubs, and even. 1. 500px. 500px is easily one of the best Flickr alternative which serves as an effective community for digital photography enthusiasts. This Toronto-based startup offers the best photo sharing service on the web, that facilitates users to upload photos from their local devices, or through Dropbox, Flickr, Facebook and more integrations. 500px allows users on its free plan to upload only 20. Flickr wants you to explore photos in VR. Some day you could be flipping through your vacation photos while wearing a VR headset. At the XOXO Festival taking place in Portland, Oregon this weekend. Flickr was a wonderful part of the mid- to late-00s internet that had a real community. Of all our data scattered across the internet, photos are the most tangible and personal, something that feels like true a loss when they disappear. This isn't the first time a photo site deleted old user photos

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Flickr's photo search engine helps you find photos of anything from the huge library of photos uploaded by photographers from around the world. Huge photo sharing service with tagging and commenting on pictures, maps showing where geotagged photos were taken. Find pictures of anything, including beautiful art images Explore our nation's past with our National Archives' Photostream on the Flickr Commons. Please share your knowledge, insights, and experience by adding tags, notes, and comments. We also encourage you to clarify and correct information in our descriptions through your comments. Stay up to date with events at the National Archives with our Archives News Photostream Mar 7, 2017 - Explore CHRIS RYNIAK's photos on Flickr. CHRIS RYNIAK has uploaded 1284 photos to Flickr

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The mysterious artist Kenny Hill arrived in Houma, La, in 1950 only to leave thirty years later leaving one magnificent and unexplained footprint; a wholly original sculpture garden. Visitors are free to explore the colorful and awe inspiring place and as a visitor myself, it leaves one truly speechless. (Follow Kelly Ludwig on Flickr here Flickr and Twitter both have options to show a person's location, called geotagging. Fischer wants his maps to encourage people to get out on the streets and explore the contours of cities Explore Emeline & Annabelle's photos on Flickr. Emeline & Annabelle has uploaded 1175 photos to Flickr


Sep 18, 2016 - Explore enterle54's photos on Flickr. enterle54 has uploaded 1400 photos to Flickr About Flickriver. Flickriver is a web-based Flickr viewer that allows viewing hundreds of photos quickly and easily, in one seamless 'river of photos' view - never needing to hit 'next' to load the next page.. As an alternative Flickr viewer Flickriver allows viewing photos taken by many different photographers, all of whom are Flickr members Explore DaStig's photos on Flickr. DaStig has uploaded 716 photos to Flickr. 22. Like Comment Share Volunteers-In-Parks logo You can make our great places better. Become a VIP and volunteer with us today! The National Park Service offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups as part of the Volunteers-In-Parks program. Work behind the scenes or on the front line in positions ranging from a one-time service project/ volunteer event to a longer term position, serving.

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The Flickr30k dataset has become a standard benchmark for sentence-based image description. This paper presents Flickr30k Entities, which augments the 158k captions from Flickr30k with 244k coreference chains, linking mentions of the same entities across different captions for the same image, and associating them with 276k manually annotated bounding boxes Google Photos Assistant (not to be confused with the Google Assistant AI digital helper) is designed to help you keep track of your library of photos and videos. It will generate cards with.

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Katmai National Park and explore.org have partnered to bring the bears to you. See the bears live on the cams below during the summer and early fall, typically late June through early October. In the off-season, enjoy highlights from the previous year. Brooks Falls Cam: Watch bears gather en masse to fish for salmon at Brooks Falls While we work on getting Explore back up and running, here's a blast from an Explore of the past! A look back at this day in 2015. https://t.co/rkeAQlbtZ A Couples Getaway in South Bend. Find your adventurous side when you ride the rapids of the East Race Waterway, the first artificial whitewater course in North America with waves going up to si Continue reading More Road Trip Flickr DNA: Discover someone new. DNA is a high-level overview of any Flickr member's public community profile and recent and most interesting photos. From this quick overview, you can discover the style of photography a person is interested in (be it landscape, portraits, fashion, travel, or whatever), other photographers they like, and from.

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Explore Carlsbad Cavern at your own pace on these two trails. Access is available by elevator or hiking and requires an entrance ticket. Notice: All visitors who enter the cavern are required to walk on bio-cleaning mats after exiting. This extraordinary measure is due to the potential presence of the fungus which causes White-nose Syndrome in New Mexico Explore Nature -- Camp! Sometimes spending a day in the wilderness isn't quite enough to truly capture the feeling of a special place. Sure, you see some amazing views or go on an unforgettable hike. But to get the full experience, you yearn to see the dark, starry skies. To listen to the yips of coyotes

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Junior Ranger Online. Find your park online with interactive and printable activities. View special places within parks from your living room. Watch wildlife, geyers, and other activity in real time. Discover your favorite subjects or search for your favorite places Explore majors available at the Rawls College of Business. The Jerry S. Rawls College of Business offers educational programs in all areas of business while advancing knowledge through research, providing community service, and supporting development of business in the global economy The General Sherman Tree is the largest in the world at 52,508 cubic feet (1,487 cubic meters). The General Grant Tree is the second largest at 46,608 cubic feet (1,320 cubic meters). It is difficult to appreciate the size of the giant sequoias because neighboring trees are so large. The largest of the sequoias are as tall as an average 26. He had texted his son on 9/17/16 saying he was on his way to Yosemite. His vehicle was found at White Wolf Campground, site #58, and his site was paid for until 9/21/16. He is a 74-year-old white male, with slender build, 5 ft 10 in, 155 lbs., with blue eyes, gray hair and beard. He is in excellent physical condition with no medical concerns