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10 Common Causes For Guinea Pig Hair Loss (And Treatment

  1. al swelling of the guinea pig, usually familiar to a female guinea pig, and causes hair loss in both sides of the abdomen. There is no itching of the skin in this condition. Functional cystic ovaries can affect up to 5 years old female guinea pigs; it always affects both ovaries through the ovary is commonly affected
  2. Our guinea pig has lost a lot of weight, has lost his appetite, has lost some hair and now has developed some scabs around his neck and ears. He shares a large cage with another guinea pig we purchase read more. My guinea pig is losing weight. Eyes and nose clear, no My guinea pig is losing weight
  3. Bilateral hairloss, crusty nipples and weightless are all indicative of ovarian cysts. These can be treated by a good vet...the earlier they're caught, the better in terms of treatment. I'd strongly advise seeing another vet, one experienced in exotics or guinea pigs
  4. Guinea Pig with hair loss and weight loss. Bit of a long shot posting here but I have been to the vets four times now. My male GP has barely any hair left on his back legs. He has had two lots of mite treatment and this made no difference. he has lost about 150 grams in weight
  5. Other treatment options include providing zinc supplements for two months and making your guinea pig lose weight to reduce the amount of androgens in the body to prevent thinning and losing hair. You can also give your pig some biotin to promote hair growth
  6. C deficiency causes many problems, including hair loss, lethargy, and weight loss in guinea pigs. Improper Diet Or Poor Quality Hay Due to off-balanced nutrients, guinea pigs lose weight on this excellent quality hay to provide
  7. Fungal infections usually cause the guinea pig to lose hair and affect the top layer of its skin. The most notable fungal infection found in guinea pigs is ringworm. Ringworms usually start attacking your rodent friend from around the head area

My guinea pig has hair loss and is losing weight, but she

Guinea pigs can suffer from fungus, like ringworm. Fungus can cause bald patches, scaly skin, and hair loss. Ringworm commonly starts around the head area, unlike mites, which often presents as a V shape on the back Alopecia or hair loss in guinea pigs is a scary experience for most pet owners. It is worth noting that piggies lose hair seasonally and not from old age. Therefore, expect your little friend to lose more fur in spring and the beginning of summer. However, Alopecia has several other probable causes Inadequate Diet If a guinea pig is suffering from Vitamin C deficiency, he can experience balding or hair loss. Guinea pigs need a minimum of 10 mg of vitamin C/kg body weight daily for maintenance and at least 30 mg/kg body weight daily during pregnancy. Vegetables high in vitamin C include tomatoes, red or green peppers, asparagus, and spinach The metabolism of any particular guinea pig has been known to cause hair loss. Cavies can't produce Vitamin C in their bodies so a deficiency of such can cause illnesses which have hair loss as a symptom

Weight loss and hair loss? The Guinea Pig Foru

Guinea pigs with vitamin C deficiency may be weak, lack energy, and walk with a limp. They may have a rough hair coat, lose their appetite, lose weight, have diarrhea, become ill, or die suddenly Guinea pigs need at least 10-30 mg of vitamin C per day. They usually get this through their pellets and the supplemental greens you feed them. Lethargy, lameness and stiffness, diarrhea, bruising or bleeding, decreased appetite, weight loss, and a change in the texture of hair may be symptoms of a vitamin C deficiency Hi, my guinea pig is 4 years old. I noticed that she has suddenly losing a lot of weight. She used to be a REALLY chubby guinea pig but lately i am able to feel her hip bones and her ribs. I have been trying to give her foods like carrots now, so she will gain some weight but if it gets any worse i will take her to the vet Hair Loss in Guinea Pigs While there are many possible reasons for hair loss, the most common reason by far is microscopic mange mites, a painful parasitic condition easily treated with ivermectin. Fungal infections are a close runner-up. Old age does not cause hair loss

Weight loss or gain can be an indication of a health problem, and it can be one of only a few symptoms. The weights of your guinea pigs will change a little throughout the year, but dramatic weight loss can merit a trip to the vet. Weights vary a lot because there are big physiological differences between individuals and breeds Guinea pig may be anorexic, painful, losing weight, etc. Most common ectoparasite found in guinea pigs. Chirodiscoides caviae: alopecia generally in groin and axilla. Mites are on the surface of the hairs and easily seen on collected hairs

Guinea Pig with hair loss and weight loss

This can cause extreme anxiety (running around cage), weight loss, lethargy, and even eventual death (if left untreated). Pregnancy. Alopecia (hair loss) will develop naturally to some extent in all Guinea Pics, resulting from a decrease in maternal skin growth due to fetal development. You also might see some Guinea Pig hair loss during nursing If your guinea pig has hair loss and is itching or scratching a lot, it may have lice or mites.   The thought of having these things in your house—much less on the guinea pig—may make you itch all over. Lice or mites can be easy to avoid and treat Mites are the most severe external parasite on Guinea Pigs and one of the most potential reasons for why Guinea Pig losing hair. Mites can get transmitted from one Guinea Pig or other animals (such as rabbits, cats, etc.) to other Guinea Pigs. They cause itching, wounds following severe hair fall

loss of smell. an aggressive cage mate that prevents other eating. obesity. metabolic disorders, such as vitamin C deficiency or renal failure. From those causes of loss of appetite in guinea pigs, the most common causes are infections or illness, malocclusion, drugs intolerance, and sometimes the loss of a cage mate The signs your guinea pig displays will depend on the underlying cause of its loss of appetite. Some common signs include: Weight loss. Lethargy. Depression. Water and food laid out are untouched. Loss of elasticity in its skin. Rough hair. If the loss of appetite is due to an infection, the guinea pig may have diarrhea or a fever Female guinea pigs are prone to ovarian cysts as they age. She may seem extra moody, mount her cagemates, lose hair on either side of the belly, and develop crusty nipples. Normally, spaying a guinea pig is the recommended course of action. However, not all seniors are ideal surgical patients If left untreated, the ovarian cysts may continue to grow and could potentially burst, placing the guinea pig's life in danger. The only effective treatment for ovarian cysts is spaying, in which the ovaries and uterus are both removed from the body. Symptoms and Types. Loss of appetite and subsequent loss in body weight; Abdominal pain and. Guinea Pig Weight Gain. Guinea pigs are vegetarians and don't consume much fat, so it's uncommon for them to become overweight through their normal dry food/fresh veg diet. Weight gains can be indicative of a number of things, from lack of exercise, to a few too many treats (sugary fruits or shop-bought delicacies), to illness or pregnancy

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Additionally, you should do a physical check up on your guinea pig every day. This doesn't have to be anything intensive. It just means you need to give your guinea pig a good look and make sure they look good physically. One thing you might notice is that your guinea pig is losing weight However, when they shed hair in summer, some guinea pig owners think they are losing weight. In reality, change in season has nothing to do with weight gain or weight loss. Moreover, there can be other causes of weight loss, but it does not relate to the season. Your piggie may suffer from a disease and lose weight in summer Causes Of Hair Loss. Guinea pig lice. Mites. Lice. Ringworm. Of the three, lice are the least serious. They cause obvious flaking and dandruff, but less itch or hair loss. They can (just) be seen with the naked eye. Ringworm is a fungal infection that causes extensive hair loss, but is also less itchy and a lot rarer

6 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Lose Hair: And How to Treat Hair

Why Is My Guinea Pig Losing Weight? (Causes & Diet Plan

The weight of the guinea pig at 6 months of age can be anywhere between 17.6-24.7 oz (500-700 grams) and the length has increased barely by an inch (2.7 cm) compared to 3 months ago. Average Weight of a 1-Year-Old Guinea Pig. Guinea Pigs reach their full skeletal size just before they become 1 year old Use a fine-tooth comb and gently part the hair for signs of parasites. 2. Clean cages and bedding. You should do daily spot checks and remove soiled or wet bedding. Replace and wash bedding once a week, and do a deep clean monthly. 3. Feed your guinea pigs a balanced diet. Guinea pigs need a balanced diet to stay healthy There are a few things that can cause hair loss in guinea pigs. Do we know for sure that Jake is a male? The most common cause of hair loss in piggies is ovarian cysts (which would happen of course only in females). This usually causes a symmetrical hair loss over either side of the back end. Ringworm, which is a fungal infection is possible as. Weigh Your Guinea Pig. Maintaining a healthy weight is a good indicator of proper guinea pig health. Take some time each week to weigh your guinea pig. Guinea pigs that are expereincing a health problem should be weighed more frequently, sometimes every day. For example Weight loss can be a symptom of kidney disease

And on average, a female guinea pigs weigh 608 - 1,130g, which is 1.5 - 2.5lb. Naturally, when weights fall within a range, they tend to cluster in the middle of that range, so in fact the majority of guinea pigs are between 700g and 1,200g, or 1.5 - 2.6lb. If your guinea pig's weight falls at the very top or bottom of the expected. Guinea pigs are generally hardy, healthy animals but are susceptible to certain diseases. They cannot make their own vitamin C and require supplementation or they may develop scurvy. Guinea pigs get various tumors, particularly skin and mammary tumors. Guinea pigs also get abscesses (accumulations of pus and bacteria) in lymph nodes, skin, muscles, teeth, bones, and internal organs The two common guinea pig fur mites are Trixacarus caviae (sarcoptic mange mite) and Chirodiscoides caviae. Chirodiscoides caviae mites may cause mild to no clinical signs at all. Trixacarus caviae mites can cause extreme clinical signs because they cause extreme itchiness. Affected skin will get thick, yellowish, and crusty, with hair loss and secondary bacterial skin infection Hair loss in guinea pigs can happen for a number of different reasons and it is important to consider the other factors affecting it before trying to decide what the cause might be. Pregnant females often lose a lot of hair because their hormones are unbalanced and this always grows back, so there is no need to worry if this happens to your.

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Increase in weight of 55g - although there is still no cause for serious alarm, this kind of weight gain suggests changes need to be made to your guinea pig's diet sooner rather than later. Increase in weight of 85-100g - this kind of weight gain is cause for alarm, and you need to get your piggy to the vet as a matter of urgency crusty eyes, dirty ears, severe diarrhea, hair loss, weight loss, change in behavior and bloody or gritty urine. gUinea Pig sUPPly CheCklist 4 Solid-bottom cage with wire cover or plastic bottom tub cage 4 Guinea pig pellets 4 Cage bedding (aspen or hardwood shavings, timothy hay or processed paper products) 4 Small, heavy food dish 4. Discharge from the nose and eyes and/or sneezing. Bulging or sunken eyes. Hair loss or change in hair coat. Seizures. Lameness or swelling of joints. Guinea pigs are good at hiding illness and pain. Get to know your guinea pigs' behaviour; if they are behaving abnormally this may be a sign that something is wrong It's normal for older guinea pigs to become pickier about food and gradually lose weight. But there could be other reasons for the decreased appetite, so don't just assume that your senior cavy's weight loss is normal. When I noticed that I could feel my first guinea pig's ribs and hipbones, I assumed this was due to old age Unlike many other rodents, guinea pig pups are born precocious — that is, they're born fully developed, fully furred, with open eyes and ears. Your average baby guinea pig will weight somewhere in the range of 95-105 grams at birth. It will lose some weight over the first few days, and then begin to grow rapidly

5 Reasons Guinea Pig Is Losing Hair All About Pet

Weight loss, appetite loss, lethargy, fur loss, or change in overall behavior also indicates something wrong is going on inside your guinea pig. Guinea pigs are very active pets. If they are beginning to get tired early or are not coming out of their cage, it indicates that they are ill Vitamin C deficiency is known as scurvy. Many commercial guinea pig diets are deficient in Vitamin C so fresh leafy green vegetables are an essential part of the daily diet. Scurvy can be manifested as a rough or unkempt hair coat, and other signs include wobbliness in the hindlegs, haemorrhage, lameness, hair loss, diarrhoea, and joint swelling

Guinea Pig Hair Loss What's Going On? Small Pet Selec

  1. Your Guinea Pig is Losing Hair; If you see that your guinea pig is losing hair then you need to take a good look at them. Bald spots on your cavy can mean that they have a fungal infection or are suffering from mites. You can treat these by using a special shampoo. Kaytee Guinea Pig Shampoo 8-Ounce on Amazo
  2. n Weight loss n Abnormal hair loss/ flaky skin n Diarrhea or dirty bottom n Distressed breathing n Lethargic n Eye or nasal discharge n Skin lesions n Overgrown teeth n Overgrown nails guinea pig Cavia porcellus care sheet Developed with and approved by a qualified veterinarian. normal behavior and characteristics n nEasy to handle; prefers a.
  3. Image Source. Infestation of mice in and around the breeding area of guinea pigs can be one of the major causes of Guinea pig deaths. Some of the symptoms can be lack of movement, seizures, onset of lethargy, convulsions, lack of appetite, stroke, etc. Thus, ensure that the breeding ground for Guinea pigs are free of mice
  4. ation, fly eggs and larvae may be seen in the coat and wounds caused by the maggots may be apparent. The guinea pig may become dehydrated and collapse and die

Guinea pigs have very sensitive skin and this can hurt them. Use a soft baby brush or a metal greyhound comb to remove loose hair and keep your guinea pig's coat shiny and healthy. This is especially important if your guinea pig has long hair! If so, brush more often and make sure its hair is always tangle-free WEIGHT. Weight loss is an early sign of many illnesses. To help monitor health, weigh your guinea pig weekly! Use the weight/health record pages provided in GL's handy Cavy Health Record Book, a loose-leaf notebook, or a calendar, but be sure to record your guinea pig's weight on a regular basis. While weight will fluctuate slightly during the.

Guinea Pig Balding & Hair Loss - Causes and Treatment

You may not realise your guinea pig has a lice infestation but the signs to look out for are scratching, redness of the skin, patchy hair loss or scabs on and around the ears and neck. These lice can be passed on to a guinea pig via contact with other lice-ridden guinea pigs or contaminated bedding A vitamin C deficiency can present in many ways with guinea pigs, including disorientation, sudden weight loss, and even diarrhea. 6. Bumblefoot. Bumblefoot is a condition that presents as sores on the soles of a guinea pig's feet. This condition can be completely debilitating for these animals if it progresses far enough Guinea pig coat colors come in a vast variety, all within black, brown, and white categories. Other unique coat colors and lengths include tortoiseshell, white tortoiseshell, long hair, brindle, dalmatian, Dutch, and completely hairless! Guinea pigs differ from other rodents in that they are much more mature at birth than rats or mice

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Photo at right: a badly infested guinea pig. Note the bright red skin and hair loss. skin: cysts and fungus Sebaceous cysts are basically big pimple-like pockets of fluid right below the skin. Yep, they're pretty gross and sometimes come to a head, which you can then squeeze gently to drain A healthy Guinea pig should be active, alert, and sociable, eating and drinking often, with healthy fur and clear eyes. A Guinea pig who is inactive, losing weight, has eye or nasal discharge, diarrhea, hair loss or distressed breathing may be sick. If you notice these any of these signs, see your veterinarian right away Guinea pigs stay clean and rarely need baths, but can be spot-cleaned with a damp washcloth or unscented baby wipes if needed. Fur may be brushed with a soft-backed brush. Hairless guinea pigs benefit from a small amount of non-toxic aloe-based lotion rubbed onto skin to keep it soft. Guinea pigs need their nails clipped approximately once a month Weight loss; Visually seeing the teeth are too long; If you notice any of these signs in your guinea pig, take them to your veterinarian immediately as this dental problem can be very painful. Your veterinarian will sedate your guinea pig and examine their mouth to see if their teeth are overgrown If your guinea pig is losing hair in a circular pattern, with hair coming off in tufts with pieces of dried skin attached, suspect ringworm until your vet can do a proper diagnosis. Wash your hands after handling your companion so as not to cross-infect yourself or others

Scurvy typically shows up in guinea pigs as lameness, joint pain, weight loss, or hair coat issues. Basil has a fiber content that will help your cavy keep their digestive system running smoothly and can also help with keep blood sugar level stable if you have a worrisome diabetic guinea pig This is indicative of other problems in guinea pigs but together with any of the other symptoms can be an important marker. The animal may also lose weight, although as a rule the appetite is not affected. Diagnosing type of diabetes in your guinea pig. Many owners take their guinea pig to the vet and have more or less made the diagnosis already Guinea pigs have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, which contains a relatively large amount of good bacteria that aids in their digestion. If due to frequent change in diet or any other bacterial infection the good bacteria is off balanced then it may lead to severe health problems like painful gas, slow digestion, intestinal tract damage, diarrhea and in severe cases it can also be life. Hey all. So after 2 pigs going over the rainbow bridge only weeks ago, we're now in the midst of panic in my house again... One of our rescue girls, Crumbs, has suddenly lost fur on her tummy and started bunny hopping. After our 2 girls died back in March she got very depressed and lost a lot of weight but started gaining again well with lots of hard work and TLC from us The dominant 'pig' and main culprit is identified by its normal, full hair coat while others have areas of alopecia (hair loss). There is no treatment for this condition except separating the guinea pigs if it becomes a serious problem. Hair loss or hair thinning can occur for a number of other reasons as well

Guinea Pig Hair Loss - How to Treat? - Guinea Pig Chaw

Guinea pigs that are very ill will refuse to eat, and may show signs of weight loss if the appetite loss has persisted for some time. You may also see the Guinea pig avoid drinking water, which can quickly lead to serious dehydration Signs of scurvy in guinea pigs can include bleeding gums, painful lameness, weakness, coat changes, and weight loss. Treatment may be aggressive and costly and include hospitalisation and medications My new guinea pig has a scabbed ear, and is losing hair behind the ear. What is the problem, and what can I do? Thanks for the question I cant see your guinea pig, so I cannot give you a diagnosis. Sounds like mites, but best to take him to the ve..

Ileus is the most ignored cause of death in guinea pigs because of the nature of its symptoms. Symptoms: Loss of appetite, and irregular defecation. Even the subtlest of these two symptoms, as observed in the eating and defecating patterns, should raise an alarm in owners because it could cause sudden death One way to prevent guinea pig stress signs in the first place is to provide your pet with a comfortable, appropriate-sized cage and guinea pig house located in a quiet area of your home. MidWest Guinea Habitat guinea pig home is one option that offers 8 square feet of living space and 1-inch bar spacing Most Guinea Pigs that have Mange are itching and have patches of hair loss. Some even lose weight and have unhealthy looking hair coats. This little guy has the problem on his face and his arms. This pig has a patch of hair missing on his backside. He also has infected skin secondary to the scratching While charts will not tell you what your individual guinea pig will weigh, they demonstrate the range of weights and progression as a guinea pig matures. Paulo contributed charts of the weights of several of his males and females (shown in ounces and grams) and Mel contributed a one year chart of 3 female guinea pigs

There are many reasons a guinea pig can have hair loss. Some are more serious than others and can have a harmful effect on your pet if not treated in time. Discover the 7 main causes for guinea pig hair loss and what you should do to identify and treat these conditions or problems Flaky Skin or Hair Loss. Guinea pigs can indeed groom themselves and their companions. Even if they are healthy, it may still lead to having patches of hair loss in their bodies, which is called barbering.. Nonetheless, there are still other reasons that can cause your guinea pig to experience hair loss. These reasons include mites and. Guinea pigs can also develop skin problems from parasites such as lice and mites. Lice are tiny, wingless insects that live in a guinea pig's hair. Signs are scratching and loss of hair. Mites can also cause a loss of hair. Some guinea pigs infested with mites will run wildly in circles

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