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  1. If you actually mean that you're interested in being an 0203 Ground Intel Officer, that too is ridiculously super competitive, as these are the officers that end up leading Recon and Sniper platoons. The odd way that the Marine Corps Officer MOS program works, your undergrad studies will be less important than how you perform in TBS
  2. The following lines appear in the requirements of the Ground Intelligence Officer: - Must be found qualified/recommended by HQMC Special Security Office (SSO) - Must be recommended by the student's chain of command. - Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) test score in Official Military Personnel File
  3. Hi Marines of Reddit, Few simple questions here, is SERE level C required for all Marine Ground Intelligence Officers (0203) or for that matter, any Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut
  4. istrative work as SWOs. If you want to be an officer, you cannot escape this. Lastly, do not commission into the Marine Corps with any other desire than to lead Marines. You may find yourself in any MOS, or any billet

Being a leader is lonely, you won't make as many close friends within your unit like the enlisted guys do. All my officers stayed in or were trying to get into the FBI/CIA/Home Land Security. From what I've seen, life as a Lt fucking sucks until you get career designated and are a little more salty than the rest A ground intelligence officer must complete the Basic Intelligence Officer course (BlOC) prior to being awarded the MOS. He must additionally complete the Infantry Officer Course (LaC), at the MCCDC in Quantico, Virginia, the Scout Sniper Platoon Commander's Course (SSPCC) at MCCDC in Quantico, Virginia, and the Ground Intelligence Officer's Course (GIOC) at Navy Marine Corps Intelligence. Following SSPC, they will attend the six-week Ground Intelligence Officer Course (GIOC) at the Navy/Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center in Dam Neck, Virginia. Here they will learn the requisite skills to perform as an intelligence officer on a battalion, regiment or division staff

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This intelligence military occupational specialty was created in the early 1990s to help improve tactical intelligence in the Marine Corps and provides opportunities for command early in a Marine's career. A ground intelligence officer may start off as a scout sniper platoon commander, but will enable that Marine to ultimately serve as a. I was an enlisted Marine Reservist while in college and wanted to continue my commitment afterwards, said 1st Lt. Brandon McElroy, a ground intelligence officer who was one of the very first officers commissioned through the new reserve programs in 2005. When I found out about the OCC-R program it sounded like a good fit The ground intelligence officer military occupational specialty was opened to female officers in late 2013, with IOC as a qualification requirement for applicants. None of the 29 female officers.

officers required each year by the Marine Corps. Recognizing this, the Officer Candidate Class (PLC) Program was adopted by the Corps and is the only program through which college seniors and graduates (both men and women) can apply to obtain a commission in the Marine Corps. You cannot simply join the Marine Corps as an officer Editor's Note: Scott Ritter was a Marine Corps intelligence officer from 1984 to 1991 and a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998. H Infantry Officer Course is the Military Occupation Specialties-producing school for Marine Corps infantry officers and the prerequisite course for ground intelligence officers When the INF Treaty was signed in December 1987, I was a first lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, finishing up my initial tour of duty in Twentynine Palms, Calif., as an intelligence officer.

of Marine Corps ground intelligence. The 0203 MOS, along with the other company grade intelligence officer MOSs—including 0204: counterintel - ligence/human source intelligence of-ficer, 0206: signals intelligence/ground electronic warfare officer, and 0207: air intelligence officer—was initially de-veloped as part of the so-called Va The United States Marine Corps Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is a system of categorizing career fields.All enlisted and officer Marines are assigned a four-digit code denoting their primary occupational field and specialty. Additional MOSs may be assigned through a combination of training and/or experience, which may or may not include completion of a formal school and assignment of a.

Scott Ritter spent more than a dozen years in the intelligence field, beginning in 1985 as a ground intelligence officer with the US Marine Corps, where he served with the Marine Corps component. Marine Officers on a 10 mile hike while attending The Basic School. Image: flickr. Marine OCS is a 10-week course located in Quantico, Virginia, for future Marine Corps officers. After completing all entry requirements, future officers will learn leadership skills through educational, physical, and mental evaluations You can also go Marine Ground out of the Academy. Then after TBS (after USNA graduation) at Quantico you select your MOS. There are a few MOS that can be selected in the intelligence area -Ground Intelligence, Human Intelligence, Signals Intelligence, and Air Intelligence. My DS is a Ground Intelligence Officer currently. Graduated USNA 2014 Intelligence work in the Marine Corps is, as is everything in the Marine Corps, focused on how best to support the MAGTF. (the designated air intel guy for a squadron), and ground intel. Ground intelligence officers attend the Infantry Officers' Course (IOC) with their grunt brethren, have the opportunity to attend the Scout Sniper Leader's. In the Army, there are several options for working in military intelligence, from being a Military Intelligence Officer MOS 35F to an Intelligence Analyst MOS 35F. In the Navy, they have the Intelligence Specialist or Intelligence Officer. And in the Marine Corps, there is MOS 0231 Intelligence Specialist and MOS 0261 Geographic Intelligence

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Ground Intelligence Officer 0203 - Ground Intelligence Officers can serve as primary platoon commanders in division reconnaissance companies, infantry battalion scout/sniper platoons and other ground intelligence assignments. These assignments can include Battalion, Regiment and Division Staffs, Marine Logistics Groups and Intelligence Battalions The Naval Officer who specializes in sensitive information is called an Intelligence Officer. The Intel Officer will be monitoring and analyzing activities that pose a threat to national security - everything from drug smuggling, illegal immigration, arms transfers, and enemy allied movement of warships in real-time from a variety of sources (human, satellite, photo/video) 9. Marine Counter Intelligence / Human Intelligence (MOS 0211) 8. Marine Cybersecurity Technician (MOS 0688) 7. Avionics Maintenance Chief (MOS 6391) 6. Cryptologic Digital Network Tech (MOS 2611) 5. Basic Engineer, Construction, Facilities, And Equipment (MOS 1300) 4. Cyberspace Operations Chief (MOS 1799) 3

Although I have completed both applications, I am far more informed (from books, and my visit) about West Point. On the 29th I go for my CVW, so that will help, but I was hoping that some of you good forum members could help educate me on the big and small differences. Recently, I have began.. A Marine Reserve Officer can be of any MOS: infantry, recon, or non-infantry. Having worked with National Guard Soldiers and Marines here are some similarities and differences. Any Marine reserve or Guard component that's infantry or combat arms w.. Rank and years of service determine an officer's pay. According to Glassdoor.com, the average salary for a marine officer was $95,778 as of January 2021.This is, of course, highly variable: the. USMC Cryptologic Linguists (MOS 2671, 2673, 2674, 2676) are the individuals tasked with learning a foreign language to interpret, analyze and communicate information and messages. Cryptologic Linguists can attend training for up to a couple years to learn a foreign language in different modalities. MOS 2671 will learn Middle East languages, MOS. The IS designation indicates an intelligence specialist. A numeral appearing after an IS designation indicates the sailor's military rank, such as a 1 for a first-class petty officer. Officers in the U.S. Navy are not given these ratings

Here is a list of the different occupational fields for enlisted service members. 01 — Personnel and Administration. 02 — Intelligence. 03 — Infantry. 04 — Logistics. 05 — Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) plans. 06 —Communications. 08 — Field Artillery. 09 — Training Entry Level. As an Army Military Intelligence Officer, you'll be responsible for all collected intelligence during Army missions. You'll provide essential information that can often save the lives of Soldiers fighting on front lines. You'll command and coordinate Military Intelligence Soldiers and combined armed forces, assess risks, and. Ground Intelligence Officers serve as staff officers and commanders in the operating forces where they analyze intelligence and planning, deployment and tactical employment of ground surveillance and reconnaissance units. The Ground Intelligence Officer may seek to become a recon marine after their training is done. 0307 Reconnaissance Officer 75 Marine Air/Ground 71Task (PMOS) Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Collection LTCOL-1STLT& 230100 Management Officer (NMOS) CWO5-WO 77 Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) Intelligence Officer LTCOL. One Marine Corps Times reporter was once introduced to three human intelligence Marines in Iraq, and all claimed their first name was Doug. But it's not all secret squirrel, one intel officer.

MAGTF intelligence officers8 who are trained and experienced intelligence leaders and managers.9 The 02 Officer Marine Occupational Specialty (MOS) was redefined as follows: Unrestricted Officers 0202 MAGTF Intelligence Officer 0203 Ground Intelligence Officer 0204 Human Source Intelligence Officer On July 2nd, 2021, the Pentagon's top spokesman announced that command of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan would be transferred to the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) from NATO's Resolute Support Mission, which previously commanded U.S. forces in the country, and which was most recently led by former U.S. Army former Delta Force officer, General Scott Miller THE MARINE CORPS RESERVE OFFICER. A Reserve Officer must meet the same qualification process required of a regular, active-duty officer. Upon completion of OCS, TBS, and MOS school, the Reserve Officer will be assigned to a reserve unit. Reserve Officers have the option to choose the location where they will serve, often near their hometown Colonel Rideout graduated with distinction from the MAGTF Intelligence Officer Course, Naval Postgraduate School, Marine Corps Command & Staff and Naval War Colleges. Additionally, he received the Marine Corps Intelligence Association Lieutenant Colonel Wayne B. Mason, Intelligence Instructor of the Year Award and the Naval Postgraduate School. The Marine Corps is only as capable as each and every Marine. To that end, Marines are assigned specific roles for which they are optimally trained. Each making a critical difference in a collective fight, Marines develop skills in specific Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs), and are expected to become experts in their respective fields

Certain Ground Intelligence Officer (Military Occupational Specialty 0203) members of the Infantry (MOS 03XX), senior non-commissioned officers (SCNCOs), and international students can sometimes be permitted to undergo sniper training. A lance corporal is the third enlisted rank in the Marines, equivalent to a Private First Class in the U.S. Army Reddit; Email; More information from O*NET OnLine: Summary • Details • Custom. Command and Control Center Officers - 55-1015.00. Note: This is a military occupation. O*NET does not collect data on military occupations. Ground Intelligence Officer (Marine Corps - Commissioned Officer only) Human Intelligence (Army - Commissioned Officer.

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Now www.reddit.com. Army vs. Marine Infantry Officers. Ground Intelligence Officer is a primary military occupation code (or MOS) of a U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer.Ground intelligence officers serve as staff officers and commanders in the 279 People Learned More Courses › The ground intelligence officer military occupational specialty was opened to female officers in late 2013, with IOC as a qualification requirement for applicants. None of the 29 female officers. - 1720, Defensive Cyberspace Warfare Officer (CWO5 to WO) PMOS - 1721, Cyberspace Defensive Operator (GySgt to Pvt) PMOS - 1799, Cyberspace Operations Chief (MGySgt to MSgt) PMOS. Sources/Credits: Please note that the information above was derived from and in most cases taken directly from the Marine Officer MOS Assignment Handbook

At least Marine pilots have an understanding and empathy with Marine ground troops. I doubt 99.9% of the airforce has a clue as to what it's like to be an infantryman. I think Marine CAS also has a lot better record of not hitting friendly troops. Navy and Marine air are integrated. A Marine officer is about to go(or has gone) out as a. The mission of Officer Candidates School (OCS) is to educate and train officer candidates in Marine Corps knowledge and skills within a controlled and challenging environment in order to evaluate and screen individuals for the leadership, moral, mental, and physical qualities required for commissioning as a Marine Corps officer 'Every Marine is a Rifleman' is the mantra of the Marine Corps. While strictly true, Marine's must also select and train for a position in which they will serve most of their time in the Marine Corps. Military Occupational Specialities are selected in advance of boot camp and so it is important that poolee's research and consider all the positions and opportunities available to them and make a. A female US Marine on Monday became the first woman to complete the Corps' notoriously rigorous training course for infantry officers. Many women serve in the Marines and other branches of America's armed forces but the woman, who has requested that her name not be released, is the first to make it through the Marine Corps' 13-week infantry officer training course

Episode 8: Ground Intelligence Officer 0204Marine Corps Weapons: High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) The Harsh reality about choosing a MOS in the Marine Corps US RECON MARINES 2020 Usmc Mos Roadmaps download pdf. mos roadmaps poster - pcn Page 9/3 The first female Marine to graduate from the Marine Corps' Infantry Officer Course will be assigned to the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, officials with Marine Corps Training and Edu Intelligence Force had role in Vietnam conflict. Fort Huachuca, Arizona - Prior to the commitment of U.S. combat troops to the conflict in Vietnam in 1965, the Military Assistance Command--Vietnam. The scarcity of CIA spy networks on the ground in China could prevent U.S. intelligence from Reddit Charles Faddis, former CIA a former Marine Corps intelligence officer who worked closely.

The intelligence officers gave Zabrodsky and a few others a checklist of things to watch, their guard posts, patrols, movements and gathering basic intelligence according to Zabrodsky, to report. The Office of Naval Intelligence is America's premier maritime intelligence service and a core element of the U.S. Navy's Information Warfare Community. ONI possesses unmatched knowledge of the maritime operating environment and delivers penetrating understanding of threats to America's security to national decision makers and the Fleet

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Marine Ground Intelligence Officer. RRS Ernest Shackleton. Difference between cheap and expensive guitar, Reddit. Buy old newspapers in bulk UK. What to do if your references don T respond. Financial advisor scripts prospecting. Club Baths. Great Chefs of Chicago. Are cross cut shredders safe. Harbor Freight in store only. God is one explanation An MOS that I have greatly considered, is that of Ground Intelligence Officer (0203). The reasons, are as follows: - The ability to get SOME combat/infantry experience as an officer. - The ability to get into the field of intelligence, which I have learned can be very lucrative post-military. - The ability to use my talents Intelligence officers provide a service that is crucial for our national defense. These officers develop and execute plans, policies, and procedures that facilitate intelligence functions. They are experts on all intelligence disciplines and their application across the spectrum of military operations. They may conduct counter-intelligence operations to safeguard against adversarial threats

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  1. Job Description: Ground intelligence officers are trained as the primary platoon commanders in division reconnaissance companies, infantry battalion scout/sniper platoons, and other ground intelligence assignments to include: Battalion, Regiment, and Division Staffs; Marine Logistics Group and Intelligence Battalions. Ground intelligence.
  2. Service as a Marine Officer. Specialized Training. Reserve Officers. Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) General MOS Forum. 0180, Adjutant. 0203, Ground Intelligence Officer. 0204, Human Source Intelligence Officer. 0206, Signals Intelligence Officer
  3. The scarcity of CIA spy networks on the ground in China could prevent U.S. intelligence from Reddit Charles Faddis, former CIA a former Marine Corps intelligence officer who worked closely.
  4. imum length of service for an officer in the U.S. Marines? Every US service member commits to being available for eight years, if required during a national emergency. Marine officers generally will serve at least three years active..
  5. Navy Intelligence Specialist (IS): Career Details. An Intelligence Specialist is a Sailor who analyzes military intelligence data and communicates important information extrapolated from intelligence material to be used in the planning of military operations. Intelligence is considered as any classified information regarding any foreign entity
  6. The OCS Foundation (OCSF) is a non-profit Title 501c19 veteran's organization serving over 750,000 OCS and OTS graduates around the world. OCSF serves to assist in the promotion and recruitment of potential candidates for OCS/OTS schools and programs by providing online forums and discussion groups

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Human Intelligence Collector (35M), Signals Intelligence Analyst (35N), Cryptologic Linguist (35P), and Human Intelligence Collector (35M) are all Enlisted positions currently in-demand. These roles are similar to the Officer position because of the job duties assigned Home. ABOUT US. MarineParents.com, Inc., was founded nationally on January 21, 2003 to provide support, information, and services to Marines and their family members, and create opportunities for the public to support our troops through the organization's outreach programs

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Reddit; Email; Military Crosswalk Search for: marine. Ground Intelligence Officer (Marine Corps - Commissioned Officer only) 55-1015.00: Command and Control Center Officers: 0204: Counterintelligence/Human Source Intelligence Officer (Marine Corps - Commissioned Officer only) 55-1015.00: Command and Control Center Officers After officers receive the rank of Major, all the disciplines merge together, and officers are required to take a Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Officer Course (MIOC) in order to be designated as a MAGTF Intelligence Officer. Related Article - Marine Corps Grooming Standards: Hair, Beard, And Nail Regulations. 2 Since the first Marine was posted aboard a naval vessel, stories of their valor, integrity, brotherhood and hardiness have been told, the Marines United admins wrote on Reddit's r/UMSC. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller spoke about them earlier this month at a gala for the service's top officers and enlisted ground-combat leaders in Arlington, Va. Changes will be felt.

Overall, you can see a myriad of assignments this year, with 12 seniors choosing to be Marine Corps ground officers, two choosing Marine Corps Pilot, two choosing to be Submariners in the Navy, four choosing Navy Pilot, one being assigned to be a METOC (Meteorology) officer, six Surface Warfare officers, one Navy Intelligence officer, two. Hunter enters MIT's master's program in real-estate development this fall, and Miles is a ground intelligence officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. redditlink opens in a new window The Basic School USMC Officer 2015-04-07T15:39:24-07:00. TBS is not a check in the box.. It is a course designed to provide students with the basic skills necessary to effectively lead as a Marine officer. Students who do not successfully complete the course may face a variety of administrative actions, including repetition of the course.

I will try to use this area to ask for some feedback related to certain topics. S-2 would like to hear your opinion, your ideas, what do you like, what you dislike, and take this into account for future activities, next deployments so we can improve so the things can be more enjoyable for the uni.. via GIPHY. Until 2016, women weren't allowed in to serve in combat positions.The reasons cited were numerous - women were bad for morale, fragile, and generally unable to bear the rigors of the front lines.The Marines, particularly, were insistent women shouldn't serve. This from the same organization that's had numerous revenge porn scandals.Go figure.. Chief Warrant Officer 4 Christopher M. Raiti is the MPEP officer serving with the U.K. Ministry of Defence in the Defence Intelligence, Capabilities and Assessment Land Office, and has seen first. Scott Ritter. Scott Ritter spent more than a dozen years in the intelligence field, beginning in 1985 as a ground intelligence officer with the US Marine Corps, where he served with the Marine Corps component of the Rapid Deployment Force at the Brigade and Battalion level

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Women going int combat 2016. the next barrier in the gender gap to be broken...being tortured by the enemy! you go girl! by 2016 Obama and john Kerry should have a war with Russia MarineMax acquires iconic Nisswa Marine. MarineMax, Inc. (NYSE: HZO), the world's largest recreational boat and yacht retailer, announced in July the acquisition of Nisswa Marine (Nisswa), an iconic, full-service Midwest dealer located in Nisswa, Minnesota. Nisswa generated revenue of over $35 million in 2020 Teachers and Instructors, All Other - 25-3099.00. Note: All Other titles represent occupations with a wide range of characteristics which do not fit into one of the detailed O*NET-SOC occupations. O*NET data is not available for this type of title Training seems to be going well, said 1st Lt. Aidan Fogarty, a ground intelligence officer with Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division. With the overall intent of having all the units synchronized, the setup of the division COC which will directly feed the information to commanding general is going smoother than the first time we. CleanMyMac free Reddit. Marine Ground Intelligence Officer. Dog license Stamford CT. Detroit Locker. Free quit smoking kit. Scenic places in eugene, oregon. Matzo brei waffle. What is the impact of good customer service to an organization. 1 meter to inches and feet. PGS testing cost Canada. Kaitlib Fe alternatives

Over the past week, from Oct. 22-25, 2019, the 3rd Marine Division conducted Exercise Samurai 1-20, as part of an ongoing series of training to exercise command and control on the battlefield. The goal of Samurai 1-20 was to conduct battle drills that validate the 3rd Marine Division's movement, setup of a combat operations center, force protection, and passage of command and control between. Once a Marine, always a Marine. His enemies then and now, few of whom ever wore a uniform, denied that he had ever seen combat in the face of the fact that he voluntarily flew 12 combat missions as a tail gunner, taking enemy fire and returning it even though he was a ground-based intelligence officer not supposed to fly combat missions

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Career Military Comparison: Air Force Vs. the Army. The Army and the Air Force have both similarities and differences -- some of which might not be so obvious. For example, although you might think of the Air Force as a military branch that focuses solely on aviation, you can also engage in land-based special. Key members include the Center for Army Analysis, Futures and Concepts Center, Maneuver Battle Lab, Fires Battle Lab, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, National Ground Intelligence Center. The establishment of TALSA PAC provides III Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) the ability to properly train Marines to effectively employ this capability while conducting operations across the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command area of responsibility, said Maj. Diego Miranda, intelligence officer, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division thebalancecareers.comImage: thebalancecareers.comThe Platoon Leaders Class normally consists of two six-week training sessions taken between consecutive schoo

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Marine Air/Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Officer Aviation Structural Mechanic Ground Intelligence Officer Ground Intelligence Officer Analyst-Forecaster. 2 31 3 31 1 31 Print Email Twitter Facebook Tumblr Reddit. Citations, Rights, Re-Use.